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August 7, 2009 at 4:42 pm 1 comment

Since we are both natural and spiritual beings we have access to both the natural realm and the spiritual realms.  (see previous post) Access to the natural is easy because we just do what comes naturally.   Access to the spiritual realm does not come naturally so how can we tune into the spiritual dimension?

Deuteronomy 4:29 says if we seek Him (God) with our whole heart and soul, then we will find Him.  Are there ways to seek God where He will actually make Himself more fully known?  Yes.

God is spirit, Jesus said and so if we want to worship Him we must do so in spirit. (John 4:24).  The woman Jesus spoke these words to was focused on the natural aspects of worship, finding God in nature, what religion was right, etc.  Jesus was calling her to change her focus from the natural to the spiritual, since as a natural and spiritual person she had access to both.  God is not flesh and blood, He is spirit so to connect with Him we must enter the spiritual realm. 

To worship Him (relate to Him, have intimate interaction with Him) requires us to use our spiritual side since that is what He is-spirit.  As I write these words I am in Washington state.  I am a citizen of the United States and my location is in the state of Washington.  If you want to talk face to face with me you must come here to Washington.  You can read these words but to have a conversation we have to connect here in Washington, that is where I am.

God has told us where He is located and it is in the spiritual realm and those who want a connection with Him must go to where He is.

How do we do that?  Remember what God said in Deuteronomy 4? (quoted above)  To find Him requires that we seek Him with our whole being.  What I think He means is that we must take everything we are and direct it, focus it, point it toward Him.  Just focusing our minds toward Him will not get us into a connection with Him.  All we can do with our minds is think about Him, rehearse facts about Him, remember past things about Him that are special and unique about Him.  Focusing our mind is a good thing to do and one step in the process but since we are body (mind), soul and spirit we must bring our whole being to the pursuit of a connection.

Preparing the soul is a key step in making a connection with the spiritual realm.  The Scriptures often speaks of the soul by using the word heart.  The heart is the place where spiritual connections take place.  The heart is the place where we are most sensitive, real and open to spiritual realities.  The heart is where the Spirit of God comes to live when we are born again and receive a new nature, one with a capacity for connecting.  So the soul/heart must be prepared for a spiritual connection.

A humble heart, the Bible says God will not despise (Psalm 51). In other words the Father likes humble hearts. Psalm 113 talks about a humble heart that  is focused on quiet, spiritual things and not taken up with things we can’t or don’t need to understand.  It goes on to say that the heart of a child is the attitude God seekers need to have.

Entering the spirit world requires a humble and quiet heart/soul.  Approaching God with a heart consumed with natural worries and philosophical ideas muddies the flow into the spirit.  There are things we cannot know with the mind and to try and figure them out keeps the heart from opening into the spiritual.

James writes: draw near to God and He will draw near to you (4:8)  We do that, James says, by leaving the cares of the world behind (1-4),  submitting our wills to Him (7), and cleansing our hearts (8).  We are also to lose the double mindwhen we come, which I think means we must stop arguing with ourselves about whether or not access to the spirit is available to us.  Preparation of the heart is essential to entering the spirit realm.

It is from a place of humility that we move into the deeper places of the spirit.  We must open the pathways into the heart if we are to experience the fullness of the Father.  As we direct our focus toward the Father our hearts enter into agreement with Him and our body (the temple of the Holy Spirit) fulfills it’s most natural function which is to house the presence of the Spirit and that presence filling me up begins to manifestto the entirety of the believer.

Last night at the healing room we spent an hour in worship before we began to pray for the people who came for healing.  I could have used more time because I really needed to get myself out of the way last night.  I needed to find humility and brokenness by emptying my heart of the stuff of my life.  I needed to get in tune with the spiritual side of who I am and to do that required me to be cleansed, to submit my will to His will, to get my heart in tune with His, to put away doubt and release faith.  Because I know my Father loves a broken and repentent heart, I spent time moving my spiritual side to that kind of position and by doing so I released the Spirit to take control of all of me, body, soul and spirit. 

Making a spiritual connection takes time.  Making a natural connection only requires me to know things about my Father, but when I want a spiritual connection I move from knowledge about Him into intimacy with Him and that usually takes more time than I think it will, but when I get there it is really worth the effort.

Sometimes I need to fast from things that I have allowed to be more important than an intimate connection with my Father. Often the pathway I take will start with reading the Word, especially those scriptures that point us to release and withdrawal from the cares of this world.  Singing in the Spirit, praying in our prayer language, listening to music, all help to create an environment that is free of distractions. Even getting my posture to a place that shows I am serious about this encounter and that I am truly humbled before Him opens my spirit up to connect with the Spirit.

When I take the time, as we did last night to tune in a connection in the spiritual realm is made and I take my seat in the heavenlies and encounter my Father.

More on tuning into the Spirit, next time.


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Living fully in two worlds. Hearing through covering.

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  • 1. John  |  August 16, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    Hi; I really love what you have written here. I have been interested in and have sought this deeper walk with the Lord on a day by day minute by minute fellowship. It is a difficult process especially when I have to be involved with people at my job, and try to keep in that fellowship and connection with the spirit. I often wonder how this is done effectively. I know it is a goal of to be in that close fellowship.
    ” I knew the Word but I was not open to the Word the Spirit wanted to implant, moment by moment as I walked through my day”.

    This is something I have been trying to focus more upon throughout my day, no matter where I am, but it is a difficult process, due to having to deal with everyday stuff.

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