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Monday morning meanderings. Vol. 81

Sayre, Oklahoma

What beautiful weather we have been having here in Western Oklahoma!  We have had some really hot days where it didn’t cool down at night but mostly the mornings and evenings invite outdoor activity.  Hard to beat sunshine most all of the time.

Item one.  Our latest season in Sayre is coming to a close.  We are going to leave here in the next few days and make our way slowly to Washington, planning our arrival there in time for our grandson Sloan’s 5th birthday.  We are so blessed to have two families, one here and one there and even more blessed that we are able to spend time in both places.  This family here in Oklahoma has restored us, renewed us and given us a place to use our gifts in a Kingdom way.  We love these sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers and sisters and will miss then and being here, but we will be back soon.

Item two.  We have been teaching a new class at our Convergence School of Ministry called “Pursuing a Kingdom marriage and family”.  I believe the Spirit has downloaded some fresh insight into what marriage is and the purpose of marriage and the students have responded so well. I am sure other people are thinking about marriage this way but I don’t know who or where.  If you are interested in listening to the teaching you can find session one HERE, two-HERE and three-HERESession four will be up next week. 

Item three.  After more than two years of blogging faithfully and working really hard to turn out the best posts I know how, I have discovered Facebook.  Yeah, I know it took a while.  The best thing about FB is it’s immediacy.  Short bursts of both nothing and really good stuff all thrown together in this mess of humanity.  I really like it.  It is a challenge to keep it short, witty and/or stimulating.  I think it has real value in marketing, as some of my friends like Kasey, Shawn or others are doing but it can be just plain old fun.   Some do little with it and some are always there when I show up, just like my real life friendships.  Not sure what the life span of an FB’er is but I plan to hand around for a while and see what develops.

I have found some long lost friends.  I am in contact with a college friend I haven’t seen in at least 25 years and realized we had been living within 45 miles of each other for most of that time.  I have also discovered lots of Scandrettsand am pleased to know we are a multi-racial, multi continent people.

It is so easy to do FB that the blog has suffered.  Blogging for me is work and I have tried to treat it that way.  Since I haven’t had a real job, to keep from getting lazy, sloppy or brain dead, I wrote on the blog as an outlet for my angst and my mind and in many ways it has been my salvation.  When I am teaching or speaking a lot, the blog isn’t needed for me in the same way and FB fills in nicely.  Will be interesting to see what gets blogged as we visit our family in Washington.

Thanks to those of you who faithfully follow this little piece of my life.  I really appreciate it.

Item four.  Just watched the trailer for a new movie called “2012”.  A little “end of the world” piece from the people who brought us Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow.  I found the title and idea of this movie interesting because it taps into the fear of thousands of astrologers, doomsday enthusiasts, and conspiracy theorists who are afraid that a massive cataclysm will strike the earth on December 21 of 2012.  Even “evangelical” Christians are buying into the whole Mayan calendar theory that spawns this sort of world view.  Given my recent writings on Matthew 24 I obviously don’t buy the theory but it will probably be a “fun” movie.  Watch the trailer HERE.

Item five.  I thought this research by the Barna Group was interesting: Half of Americans say they know a growing number of people who are tired of the usual type of church experience. The statistics are even higher among blacks (59%) and Hispanics (58%). Keep in mind, one dissatisfied man’s “typical church experience” may be another dissatisfied man’s dream church. However, this important trend should not be taken lightly. Half of Americans perceive the number of people who are tired of typical church experiences is growing. And 64% of Americans are completely open to carrying out and pursuing their faith in an environment or structure that differs from that of a typical church.  If church is important to us, we probably shouldn’t ignore such stats.

Item six.  If you are interested at all in following us over the next few weeks as we travel and spend time in our other home, you should get a Facebook account going and choose to be my friend.  www.facebook.comwill get you started.  Both Linda and I are on FB and both of us have FB mobile so will be putting it out there all along the way.  Better get on! 

Love you all.  Please pray for my friend Mike who has been diagnosed with cancer.  We are not having any of it and believing for his healing to manifest as we pray for Him in Jesus name.  Please come into agreement with me for this.


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Audio link: Pursuing a Kingdom Marriage and Family Session 3

Linda joined me in teaching this Convergence School of Ministry class on Kingdom parenting.  Follow the link HERE to listen.  It is a slow loader and the recording is not the best but it is still worth your time.  Find it HERE.

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24.9 Question #2 What will be the sign of your coming?

There are 8 previous entries in this series on Matthew 24.  Since it has been a while since I wrote anything on this subject some of you may want to go back and read a few of the previous posts.  This post will focus on the second of three questions the disciples asked Jesus about the future.  If you want a little taste of this series before reading today’s post you could start with 24.2.  Find it HERE.

Question #2 What will be the sign of your coming?  (24:3)

My background as a dispensationalist was not only good for me, because of their deep love for the Scriptures,  it also  taught me important principles about how to study the Bible and how to evaluate teaching as to its validity or credibility.  An unfortunate thing about that training is that it also taught me to read my bias into what I was studying, especially in the area of eschatology. (the study of how the world will end)

A futurist reads this question and immediately decides it is about the second coming of our Savior.  They are convinced, through some, in my opinion, incredible leaps of interpretive gymnastics, that the signs Jesus speaks of in Matthew 23-24 are yet to occur and so believe that the return of Jesus is waiting the culmination of these signs.

I have already explained (to my satisfaction) how all of these signs, like wars, earthquakes, famines and the rest were signs that came prior to the destruction of the Temple in AD 70.  Those signs have been fulfilled.  While there may still be wars, earthquakes, famine and all the other disasters mentioned in 24 around today, they are not the “signs” Jesus was talking about.  Those are behind us.

When the disciples were listening to Jesus, they were not thinking about the Second Coming of Jesus, in fact at that point they were not even thinking about Jesus death, let alone a second visit to planet earth, some day.  So that alone is enough to say they were not asking about the “Second Coming”. (the kind of Second Coming understanding the futurists teach and has been made popular by the Left Behind book series)

When they ask “what will be the sign of Your coming?” what did they mean by this word “coming”?  The Jews historic fixation on the coming of the Messiah colored everything in their lives.  All of their hopes, dreams, desires, understanding of who they were and what their destiny was, was focused on the Messiah coming and setting up a Kingdom where they would be in control and the Romans would be out of their collective lives. (see for example Matthew 20:20-23)

So their question was directedat finding out when Jesus would come into His Kingdom and take a position of authority and reveal Himself as King.

A Kingdom view of these verses and all the other references to Kingdom, authority, rule, reign, etc are fulfilled in the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus to His place on the throne at the right hand of God, the Father.  All authority was given to Him both in the heavenlies (spirit world) and on earth.  Jesus came into His rightful and authoritative Kingdom at the moment He entered the heavenlies and sat down next to the Father.  That took place 2000 years ago in the generation that was alive when these insightful questions were asked.

What else could it mean when Jesus says these words recorded in Matthew 16:28 and Mark 9:1?  “There are some of you standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.”

It seems brilliantly clear to me that some of the people who were sitting right in front of Him, as He spoke on the Mount of Olives, would live to see Him come into His Kingdom.  Jesus took His place on the throne 2000 years ago.

And now, as Kingdom people, given “all power and authority” by Jesus, before He went and sat down on His throne, we are, filled with the Spirit, with supernatural wisdom and revelation, in the process of taking back what was lost in the garden, renewing and redeeming this planet through the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom, anticipating the glorious return of our King and Bridegroom Jesus, to a spotless, pure and “made ready” Bride. (Ephesians 5)

Jesus came into His Kingdom 2000 years ago.  We are not still waiting signs to tell us He will come into It real soon.  He is on the throne right now and we His Kingdom people are establishing His Kingdom by His power and authority.

These posts are a work in progress.  I am getting my thoughts in order as I write them here.  I want to be real clear that Jesus has already “come into His Kingdom.”  He is on His throne.  We are not waiting for “signs” to be fulfilled so He can finally have all power and authority.  He gave that to us in what we now call the Great Commission (Matthew 28)  We await His return, but we do not wait for signs. We await His coming to rule and reign on a planet redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony. (Read Revelation 12:11 with this post in mind)

With all of that in mind we will better understand the answer Jesus gives to Question #2 “What will be the sign of Your coming”.  More on His answer in the next post.

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Audio link: Pursuing a Kingdom marriage. Session two.

At some point I would love to have a video link to our Convergence School of Ministry classes but for now the audio will have to do.  If you would like to hear the teaching on marriage from last nights class you can access it HERE or directly from the Trinity website HERE.  Click the Convergence tab on the left side of the home page.

Be patient it is a slow loading link.  If it doesn’t load let me know, please.

Would appreciate feedback on the content and/or your evaluation of the quality/value of this delivery method.  Thanks.

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Monday morning meanderings. Vol.80

Norman, Oklahoma

We have the trailer parked in a new section of the Lake Thunderbird Lake State Park just south and a little east of Norman Oklahoma.  Norman, of course is the home of the University of Oklahoma, or OU for short, the school I pull for out here in Big 12 country. If it is OU why is it not called Oklahoma University?  We have some more work on the truck tomorrow in OK City so this was a good place to come from Duncan.

Item one.  We left Sayre Friday and headed south to Duncan, Oklahoma for the Oklahoma state high school finals (rodeo).  This event is the culmination of a year long effort to be a state champion in one of many events in high school girls and boys rodeo.  We had a great time going to the final two performances of a week long event, hanging with Charlie and Lorissa and the kids and with Jason and June and their family.  Their son Lane finished up his year as state champ in the bull riding event.  He will ride in the National Finals rodeo in Farmington, NM later in the month.

It is amazing to me that at these high school/junior high rodeos they begin the event with prayer.  True for all rodeo events as far as I can tell.  But not only do they have prayer to start off they almost all have a church service if the event goes over a Sunday, as most of them do.  Can you imagine starting basketball games in Washington with prayer and weekend tournaments hosting a church service?

Jason and June were responsible for the church service and invited Charlie and another friend, world champion bull rider, Matt Austin to be the speakers.  Jason was leading worship and invited me to play with the band (they were short handed).  It was a lot of fun and the guys did a great job of speaking Kingdom into these young people and their families.  Matt and Charlie are both Convergence students and great friends.

Item two. We have been busy lately with a number of interesting opportunities.  We hosted a group from Fellowship of Christian Cowboys at Trinity a couple of weeks ago and have also been spending some time helping them with some administrative duties.  They are one of the many  national Christian organizations that are in transition and so we are helping them to refocus and to think more long term.  Lots of organizations tend to have some real growth and influence but after a few years discover they are not longer making much of an impact doing things the way they used to do them.  It has been a challenge to find the right hooks back into viability but it is coming. 

Item three.  We started teaching a new Convergence class this past week called “Pursuing a Kingdom marriage and family”.  We had the biggest group we have ever had for a Wednesday evening class.  My thesis is that like so many other things that are called Christian, marriage has taken on more of a cultural influence than it has a Kingdom one.  The high point in a Christian marriage is usually the wedding and from then on “Christian” marriage looks about like any other marriage.  Divorce rates seem to bear this thesis out.  We need to help our young people see what marriage was intended to be prior to marriage and to guide those already married away from the cultural way of doing the marriage relationship and into a Kingdom one.

For the first session I worked hard to raise our awareness of the high value of marriage as a picture of how much our Father loves us and desires intimacy with us.  Marriage and the sexual union in marriage is designed by the Father to be a picture of His love for us and the potential of intimacy with Him.  The highlight of the class had to be a discussion of how sexual intimacy in marriage is a graphic illustration of how the Bride is to come into an intimate relationship with the Bridegroom, through worship.  If you want to listen to the audio of the teaching you can find it HERE.

Hope to get the next post on 24 up this week.  We are ready to focus our attention on the second of 3 questions the disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 24.

Have a great week.

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Audio link: Pursuing a Kingdom marriage.

The audio for last nights Convergence School of Ministry class “Pursuing a Kingdom marriage” is available.  The sound is fairly good considering recorded it with a little dictating type recorder with a built in mic.  Take a listen if you have some time.

Here is the link.

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Break time is now over. Please return to your post.

I have been very neglectful of my little blog.

Several reasons, I suppose: I do have other things that I do; Trinity’s rodeo camp was on the ranch here for a week and that kept us busy in lots of ways; we were gone for a week from internet service strong enough to load the wordpress site; it’s my blog and I can do what I want (sounds like this song by the Animals from back in the day)

And then there is FB not the Fat B_ _ _ _ _ _, my self given handle from time spent at the McComb estate on Mason Lake, but facebook fb. It is a little addicting and actually pretty fun. I have never had more anniversary and birthday greetings in my life as I received from my virtual fb friends. Social networking is a strange phenomenon but has value that is obvious and, I think, value that is not so obvious. It is also can be a monumental waste of time, too.  So the blog has taken a back seat to fb.

We spent a week out at Foss Lake State Park, about 45 minutes east of here. We have been there several other times including spending Thanksgiving there last November. We made a trip to Oklahoma City (home of the Seattle Super Sonics) from the lake to get new cell phones and have some work done on the truck. There really are no places to shop out here in western Oklahoma so we hit Camping World, Target, etc and enjoyed eating out in some of our favorite places which do not exist out here either. Going to the “big” city is fun because we seldom do it but it is really good to get back to the country after a few hours in traffic and noise.

While we are at the lake Lee, Mary and Jada Aikn along with Mary’s brother, Jason came out to visit and cool off in the lake. It was really good to spend some extended time with them. Then the next night Charlie, Lorissa, Chaynee, Carty and Cason along with Pastor Andy’s grandson, Cooper came out to eat with us and play in the water. Good times with good family.

Then this week we have been working hard on some things related to our “consulting” business and preparing for a new Convergence class on marriage and family. Will write about that class some time in the future as I believe I really heard from the Lord on Kingdom marriage and how it is distinct from what Christian marriage has become.

So, for the 3 of you who wondered what happened break time is over!

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