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May 16, 2009 at 10:35 am 1 comment

Place and time: Trinity Fellowship-9 and 10:45  (listen live at 9:30 Central time HERE)

Best thing about speaking at Trinity?  Blue jeans!

Thesis: Looking at life through the “eyes of the heart” we see things that “are not as though they were”. 

Text:  Watch over your heart with all diligence for from it flows springs of living water. Proverbs 4:23

Key points:

  • used to say “get it right in the mind, get it right in life”.  If that were true the people who know the most would live life the best.  we know that isn’t true. 
  • Looking at life with our minds we can only bring what we know in the mind to bear on situations that seem impossible and offer the problem natural solutions.  The eyes of the heart allow us to see what God sees, know what God knows and bring supernatural solutions.
  • The mind looks at impossible situations, takes in all the data and renders a logical, fact based conclusion and says to the heart “can’t be done, won’t work, you are going to die, it’s over…”
  • The heart looks at the same impossible situation and says “I see things you can’t see, I see a different reality…”
  • It isn’t denying reality, it is accepting a different reality.
  • Agreements are life changing.
  • We zero out the supernatural when we make agreements with what we can only see with the eyes of our mind.  The enemy says “look, that situation is impossible”  and when we only look with the eyes of our mind, we say “you are right, I agree, it isn’t possible.”
  • When we bring the super natural to bear on the situation and see with the eyes of the heart, we hear our Father say, “I know what I am doing, there is another side to this situation…” and we enter into an agreement with the Father and the supernatural is unleashed.
  • Kingdom power is only released to the degree I am in agreement with it.
  • The Father always has an agenda for us in every situation but so does the enemy.  In every situation we face we either partner with the Father or with the enemy.
  • The enemy says “your problems are greater than the solutions you carry.”  The Father says “the solutions you carry are greater than your problems.”
  • One produces fear the other faith.
  • If you choose your enemy’s analysis you make an agreement with the one who hates you, wants to kill you, wants to steal everything from you.  If you choose the Father’s veiw of the situation you make an agreement with the One who loves you, wants to give you life beyond your comprehension, and has nothing but good for you.
  • One is a temptation that leads to death the other a test to pass that leads to deeper faith, greater anointing and more opportunity to unleash the supernatural.

The greatest revelation ever is this:  your Father is good.  Drive a stake in the ground today, build a alter in your heart right now, to the reality that your Father is good.  Always, all the time. 

  • when you get blindsided by a bad diagnosis-your Father is good.
  • when you lose your job, nothing changes…your Father is good.
  • when your child acts out-your Father is good.
  • when your marriage is a wreck and hopeless-your Father is good.

To see with “the eyes of your heart” and not the “eyes of your mind” you must guard it with a burning, unrelenting, absolute conviction that your Father is good.

There you have it.  You can sleep in tomorrow!


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  • 1. Landon  |  May 16, 2009 at 11:19 am

    Oh yea! I’m sleeping in!

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