The fb on fb and change.

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The fb on fb HERE. (guess you have to be a facebook person to access my page, shows how muchI know.  So join facebook, where have you been!) If you get that you are really in the inner circle.  A couple of years ago during a very hard time for some of our friends, I started calling myself the Fat B_ _ _ _ _ _.  I guess you had to be there to appreciate the levity those two words brought into some tough days.  So now I just refer to myself as fb with these particular people.  Now I have a Facebook account and so I am the fb on fb. 

Early yesterday until late last night was spent in a meeting with one of the ministry groups we are attempting to help become more strategic and Kingdom focused.  I was one of the hardest days I have spent in a really long time.  It reminded me of some of the marathon board meetings I used to be part of back in the day.  I had forgotten how hard it is to move organizations into freedom and viability when they are stuck in what used to be. 

Once you have done something for so long, in the same way and get comfortable and settled it is just really hard to get out.  I wonder how many ministries, para and church, begun 40 years ago or more are going through painful changes with the hope of somehow reclaiming past glory.  So many ministries I see just keep rolling the good ol days out there, week after week and wonder why nobody is listening anymore.  Many don’t even wonder… Many don’t even notice… Someone described this loss of focus and just going through the motions day after day as, “rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic.”

It is a unique leader who can be part of a real move of God in one generation and season and learn to adapt and change to fit what the Father is doing in a new season and generation.  There aren’t many who can do it.  When we get to about age 55 or so there is real danger that the work will begin to become about the salary and the organizations survival and not about advancing the Kingdom, without regard for our own security and the institutions.  I am pretty sure at one level my failure to lead appropriately in the past was motivated in some way by having settled.  Institutions can look healthy on the outside for a long time after the inside has stopped being healthy.

Change is really hard.  Most people in the professional ministry believe themselves to be terribly overworked and busy but the truth is probably that they have found things to do that justify to themselves, showing up and can’t break out of it long enough to evaluate if what they are doing is really accomplishing anything. Ministry is weird that way.  You don’t really “produce” anything that can be quantified by anything other than by how many people came and if the budget is being met.

Not sure how much help we were yesterday.  It is one thing to know something is broken, it is quite another to know how to fix it.  Sometimes the truth is it can’t be.

I hope to write the next installment of 24 today.  Look for it!


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