What are you passionate about? Lorissa Kingsbury

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Sayre, Oklahoma

A few weeks ago I sent an email to about 50 people asking this questionWhat are you passionate about?  Several responded and here is the first post.  Maybe seeing how this looks more of you will want to join.

Lorissa Kingsbury is one of our Spiritual daughters here in Sayre.  Just writing that made me think about how blessed we are to be able to say that.  We share that honor with others and that is part of what makes Spiritual parenting so special.  Lorissa is a lot of things including wife to Charlie, mother to Chaynee, Carty and Cason.  She is a sports woman who has competed at the highest level in rodeo, basketball, track and probably others.  She is a runner, a serious runner, having completed a number of marathons including the Boston Marathon.  I think her best time is under 3:15 which is very good.  She grew up on a ranch in Texas and she and Charlie ranched together in Colorado after they travelled doing rodeo together.  She loves the Father, hears from Him and stays in step with the Spirit. 


What is Lorissa passionate about?  Here is what she wrote:

I am passionate about my relationship with the Father first and foremost. I feel like outside of that I am in a season of my life where my main focus is on my family and serving them. And I love it and enjoy every moment I have with Charlie and my children. I am completely satisfied with just being “Mom and Charlie’s wife” as it’s called by most. The enemy tries often to remind me that I don’t do much for the Kingdom. But I am passionate about the real truth and that is that I am building character and implanting the Kingdom of God in not only my children but all their friends.

I have been asking the Father what’s next for me as my youngest children start school. I think another child is part of the picture but have yet to see that come to pass. I am passionate about running and fitness and nutrition. It has been a lot of fun to pass on the things that I know God has downloaded to me concerning being healthy to my family and lots of friends. I have wondered for a long time if personal training is for me or maybe teaching and coaching.

I guess the thing I could use help with is prayer to know what the next season will consist of and when it will start. That really makes me laugh because isn’t that the question that everyone ask? And almost constantly. I just know that until I hear from the Father I’m going to do my best to just love Him and the people He has given to me.


Thanks Lorissa!  I love what I see the Father doing in you and in me, through you. 





Lorissa and Charlie

Now see, that wasn’t so hard.  If you want to join us check out the last part of this POST and then respond!


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