Monday morning meanderings. Vol.75

April 13, 2009 at 11:52 am 1 comment

Williams, Arizona (Gateway to Grand Canyon National Park)

After more than a month in Payson, we left this morning for Williams, Arizonabest known for being the town closest to the Grand Canyon. (check out the Canyon webcam (HERE)  We are not here to visit the canyon, we are here to visit two of our Convergence Summit students, Brooks and Melissa and their family.  Not sure at this point how long we will be here but will spend some time with them and some of their friends who are beginning to gather together as Family.

Item one.  We had a really good visit with our family in Washington (March 31-April 7).  It was fun to see how the grandchildren have grown and especially the fun changes in the baby Sage.  Eyob Mark is doing better as he continues to adapt to his new family.  Adopting children is never easy but Eyob has struggled more than many, which adds pressures to his mom, dad and brothers.  Brad and Summer are moving into a new (to them) home with a wonderful view of the harbor and a very short walk to the harbor park.  It is a much smaller house but smaller in cost as well, which will be good for them.  The visit was too short but it was very good.  Brad celebrated another year of life on April 8th.  Linda and I took him to lunch the day before which was fun to have some pretty rare “just the 3 of us” time.  There was really no time to see anyone but the natural family while we were in Washington but I did get to have breakfast with Doug, once again realizing what a special friend and brother he is to me.

Item two.  We have really enjoyed Payson.  We had some plans when we came, saw those plans change and some new things fill our time but all in all we have probably enjoyed this area as much as any where we have been.  Our life these days is so much about developing and deepening Kingdom relationships, so spending time with Chuck and Nancy and the Healing Room people has been very special. 

We want to be Kingdom people and we have discovered these last 3 years that authentic Kingdom life is about relationships or it isn’t authentically Kingdom.  So much of religion is about the institution and maintaining and “protecting” it.  In religion, relationships are always expendable if the institution was threatened, either by ones behavior or by ones belief system.  That is not Kingdom.  There is some real Kingdom stuff happening in Payson and we were honored to be part of it.  Good to know we now have Kingdom Family in Payson, Arizona.

Picture of Chuck and I doing what we love!                             The view from Chuck and Nancy’s house!


Item three.  Where to from here?  We are ready to be “home”.  Washington will always be our home but Sayre is home as well, more so all the time.  After our time in Williams we will slowly make our way east on I-40 to Western Oklahoma and our Family there.  A good brother out there has offered us a house he keeps for pastors and missionaries and others who need a place.  We are blessed by his generosity and seeking to hear from the Father about what we should do.  We still enjoy the nomadic RV life and believe we are called to move about but the offer is tempting.  Pray with us about it, please.

Item four.  I recently sent an email to many of you who read this blog, requesting some information about what you are passionate about and how your Family could support you in that passion.  I have received several responses and will begin posting them real soon but I still would very much like to hear from the rest of you.

Here are the questions and instructions:

What are you passionate about? That is what really turns your crank about life and ministry that gets you up and going most days? What gives your life meaning and purpose? (don’t just write Jesus!)

How does your daily life, routine, vocation, ministry, (volunteer or pro), lifestyle etc serve or fuel that passion? That is, what are you doing, involved in, serving in that lets that passion you have–out?

How can those of us who know you and love you help you serve that passion?

Anything else we should know about you and your passion?

Just answer the questions simply and thoughtfully. if you want to include your email address or other contact, cool but i won’t do it if you don’t. others might want to contact you off site to bless or encourage you.

Have a great week.  We shall see what our internet connection is this week and perhaps will write again, soon.


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Utterly supreme over everything, everywhere. Monday morning meanderings. Vol.76

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  • 1. Kaylee  |  April 13, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    Sweet. I’m liking the addition of pictures! I couldn’t see the first one…but it could be my computer…

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