Monday morning meanderings. Vol.74

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Payson, Arizona

Our time in Arizona is coming to an end.  We leave early tomorrow morning for the 2 hour drive to the Phoenix airport and a flight to Seattle, where we will spend a short week with our children and grandchildren.  Next Tuesday we will return to Payson, pick up our trailer and begin the trip back to Western Oklahoma, arriving just in time for tornado season!  Don’t want to miss that!

Item one.  When we left Sayre a couple of months ago I believed I had heard God about what we were supposed to do with our time.  It was not a wishful thinking plan but one we felt was simply going the next step with some individuals and groups we had been sowing into for some time.  The first month went according to plan and in fact,  things happened that we didn’t expect, and were a real blessing to us. 

This last month has gone a completely other direction from what we thought would happen.  It is easy for me to question if I heard God right when things don’t work out the way I planned and it is hard for me to just go with what is, rather than being disappointed with what isn’t.  Any one relate?  But I have learned a lot about staying in step with the Spirit, doing what is right in front of me, as my friend Doug encourages me to do, and being ok with not accomplishing the plan.  Never easy for me but I am learning. Here are a few things God did while we have been in Payson, that I didn’t plan on or expect.

  • We have spent a lot of time with Chuck and Nancy, more than I imagined and that has been good.  We have poured into them, been poured into by them and had some really fun relaxing times which I think they needed maybe more than we did.  I have been able to work several days helping Chuck with their business which has been fun and I helpful, I think.  We have shared a lot together, hearing the Spirit about their future and ours.  While I knew we would spend time together it has been encouraging to do more than expected with them.
  • I love to worship and I love to participate in leading worship.  I have played very average guitar for years and have had a desire to do more worship leading but there are always people more gifted than I am around to lead.  Chuck is a guitar player and a worship leader and leads regularly at two meetings each week and he invited me to join him.  So I have been practicing a few times a week and participating in leading worship a couple of times every week and it has been a lot of fun.  My fingers are toughened up, I have increased my skill a little, had a lot of fun and helped some folks enter in to worship. 
  • When we arrived in Payson our hosts were in the process of training and certification to open a Healing Room here in this part of Arizona.  I was familiar with Healing Rooms (find out about my experience HERE) and wanted to know more.  Each week we participated in a small group training time with the people who will lead and staff this new ministry in Payson.  Then this past weekend we went to a large group training in Phoenix where we were led by the Southwest Directors for Healing Rooms.  It was a really good learning experience and a good time of ministry in the Spirit.  We now have some experience and training we can use in ministry wherever we are and the potential of starting or being part of a Healing Room ministry in Oklahoma.
  • Payson is a beautiful place.  As nice as any where we have been.  The weather is nearly perfect and the sky a beautiful blue almost all the time, with very little wind.  We are parked in Chuck and Nancy’s side yard on a hill, overlooking the city.  Our view is really nice.  It is easy to take these kinds of gifts for granted as we are privileged to be in a lot of really nice places.  I have been trying to not take it lightly, but to bless the Father several times each day for this gift.  The view repeatedly puts me in a place of prayer for this city and for the ministries that go on here, day after day.  It is really an honor to pray for a city and to believe God for breakthrough in the hearts of people you don’t know and will probably never meet.  That has been good for me.

We have now been on this journey for nearly two years.  We really had no idea where it would take us and what we would do.  Our Family at Trinity in Sayre has not only embraced us and given us a place to belong and serve, they have also freed us to travel from place to place sharing what we have been given with others.  They not only took us in when we felt like outcasts and foreigners in our own home, they have launched us into a unigue ministry that is always interesting.  It will be good to return to Sayre and the Family there, and to see what the Father has for us to do next.  I have some plans but remaining open to the Spirit’s direction!

But for now it is Canyon Paul, Sage O, Eyob, Sean and Sloan time!!!! (will spend some time with their parents too!)


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