Monday morning meanderings. Vol.73

March 16, 2009 at 12:08 pm 5 comments

Payson, Arizona

When the time changed last week everywhere else in the country it did not change here in Arizona.  They see no point in it, so they don’t do it.  The rest of the country sees no point in it but they keep right on doing it.  It was nice to not have to change and nice to be in the same time zone with our family on the west coast but it did put us two hours off from our family in Oklahoma.  Now we have to change two time zones for the “move” back to Western Oklahoma, but when we visit Washington in a couple of weeks, there will be no change.  Trade offs.

Item one.  Our hosts here in Arizona own a screen printing and embroidery business and work hard doing all the work themselves.  So I volunteered to help during a big push last week and learned a new skill!  I afixed, with a high heat system, embroidered patches onto about 20 dozen hats over a three day period.  Not really that difficult after the first dozen but good, mindless work that was actually fun.  Now I can drive a tractor/trailer rig, put patches on hats and fold tee shirts!  Now that’s a resume.

Item two.  A week ago I visited a start up church here in Payson led by a young man I met when we were here last year.  New churches have an air of excitement often missing in a lot of established churches.  This church has  no building, no offices, no paid staff and meet in a small room in a grade school that they are already outgrowing.  While I might want to do it differently than they are, it was refreshing, full of happy multi-generational faces and I expect they will do well here in this community.  What seemed to be missing, from my point of view, was any emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit to draw people to saving faith and to heal their hurts and diseases.  If they would allow a place for the supernatural in their format I think it would have greater impact and potential.  Just my point of view as the leaders of this church have thought a lot about how they want to do it.  Did make me think about giving church planting a try, though.

Item three.  Two views of the economy, one right of center, one left.  Right, HERE and left HERE.  Have you seen the Hyundai commercials where they promise to take the car back if you lose your job and can’t pay?  Well here is a church that promises to give back all your contributions if you lose your job!  Find it HERE.  You don’t have to go far, these days, to hear some pretty empty preachingHERE is a book that might help. 

Item four.  Had to put this link in a new Item so some of the people who skip over stuff they don’t find interesting might see this one.  I have several friends who believe you cannot be saved if you do not have a Mac.  One is my pastor, one is a natural son and the other, that comes to mind, is a son in the Lord.  You know who you are.  Sometimes I want a Mac just so I can be cool like them and then there are those Mac commercials of the fat, total loser of a guy who has the PC (think me) and then the totally hip cool, young guy who has the Mac (think Brad, Tyler, not Andy!) that make me really feel badly.  Here is a post that brings the fun part of the Mac/PC drama out as well as a serious side of the role of advertising in promoting ideas that are wrong.  Find it HERE on Don Millers blog.  It is a good read and in one place even agrees with my conjecture that Macs are really not that superior to the good old Gateway. 

Item five. Over the weekend we drove over to Wickenburg, Arizona to visit Cody Custer’s parents and attend something called a Cowboy Camp Meeting.  After a great steak dinner at Jim and Dixie’s and some good fellowship with our hosts and friends Destry and Terri Haught, we had an interesting evening in the beautiful guest house.  Jake the Dog (find his blog HERE) decided to eat all the dog food of the Custer’s three dogs.  He is not allowed to eat anything other than his own food.  Thank goodness for tile floors as Jake the Dog proceeded to ralph up several servings of food in several locations in the house.  Yeah, gross.  It was a fun night.

Early the next morning, we all piled in the trucks and drove back up into the mountains, up a dirt road, through some huge ranches (think thousands of acres) to a little church where the Cowboy Camp meeting was to be held.  This is an all day event where western Gospel music, preaching and food all come together for a good time.  Destry gave his amazing testimony and Jim sang some great Gospel songs and we ate doughnuts and ate sandwiches on the tail gate of the truck.  Good thing we had our Wranglers, boots and hats on or we would have looked seriously out of place.  Used our new Flip camera to take some videos I intended to post but with great skill I deleted them all!

We love this whole Western culture thing and are blessed to meet so many great people who quietly go about their lives on ranches and farms and in small communities.  They are for the most part simple people (I don’t mean intelligence) of faith, hard work, family and who care about this country.  We could all learn something from these folks.

Have a great week!


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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. amanda  |  March 18, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    macs are cool, definitely my next comp. Royal, i would not suggest fishing in cowboy boots, the hat’d work to keep the sun off, but think no traction on a muddy river bank, and worse yet actually catching minnows in ’em.

  • 2. Royal  |  March 18, 2009 at 9:37 am

    I have been thinking of getting a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and some wanglers but I am not sure how they work for fishing clothes. Any suggestions or comments?

  • 3. Jeff  |  March 17, 2009 at 7:25 am

    Just recently began reading your blog. I find it to be insightful, refreshing, and from the heart. Keep up the good work!

  • 4. brooks  |  March 16, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    You really should get a mac…

  • 5. S. Custer  |  March 16, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    Andy wanted me to tell you that even owning a Mac may not make you young, hip or cool!!

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