Healing Rooms

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Still from Payson, Arizona

I don’t say it enough and certainly I am not thankful enough for the favor of the Father that allows us to be in places like Payson with people like Chuck and Nancy.  Last night some missionary friends of theirs (Wayne and Brooke) came through, had dinner, played farkle with us, watched AmIdol (do you know what that is?) and shared their story of being called from a tent making pastorate to missionary work in Costa Rica.  It was fun and just part of the favor on us.  We meet new people all the time who, apart from sovereign grace, we would never know.

When I was a pastor in the Northwest (seems like a lifetime ago) down the street from our church, around the corner and up the stairs was something called a Healing Room.  Not only did I not go there, I was just ignorant enough to tell others not to go there either.  I repent publicly for my ignorance and arrogance.  That Healing Room has been led all these years by Marc and Lydia Buchheit who are also the directors of Healing the Northwest International Ministries, as well as being the Northwest Regional Directors for the Healing Rooms.  More info about Marc and Lydia HERE.

When I was no longer the pastor of the church that is down the stairs, around the corner and down the street from that Healing Room and was not in very good shape, spiritually, emotionally and physically, I would climb those stairs and spend time in that Room by myself and over time got up the courage to go in the Room and ask for prayer, which was what they did.  Now when I am in the area I try to go back to that wonderful place of healing and hope and get prayed for.  If I had it to do over again, not only would I go more myself, I would send everyone I know there for prayer and healing.

A few years back my friend, and son in the Lord, Tyler Johnson was led by the Spirit back to Shelton and into the ministry of prayer and healing from that same Healing Room.  Tyler has blessed me so many times and raised the level of my faith and expectation way past where I was, by living out what he believes and calling the rest of us to join him.  Tyler married Christine and together they have a son Joshua and are extending the ministry of prayer and healing all over the place from that Healing Room.  You can learn about them and their ministry at their great new website found right HERE.  If you need healing, if you want prayer for whatever, get in touch with these great people.  If you live in Mason County don’t wait as long as I did to climb those stairs to the Healing Room.

When we came to Payson we thought it was for one reason and have been discovering we are here for at least one other.  Our friends Chuck and Nancy are in the process of opening a Healing Room here in the Rim Country of Arizona!  Along with several others they are taking the extensive training to be leaders in this ministry and meeting every week to pray and learn and get ready to open the doors very soon.  So, guess what?  We are going to be taking the training too.  The end of the month we will go to a weekend training and learn what we can about starting and/or being part of the Healing Room ministry and learn along with the others while we are here.  Who knows where this might lead us!


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