Kingdom thinking needed, right now!

March 10, 2009 at 12:44 pm 5 comments

Payson, Arizona

Everyone of us has been affected in some way, by this economic tsunami, swamping the world.  You have either been laid off, lost your job, threatened by job loss, had your investment portfolio devalued or someone close to you has, and you are concerned about it.  Right?

I have several friends who are out of work and our trucking investment has been “over” for several months.  In an email conversation with one of these friends I made some statements and asked a question: Anyone can view this situation from a natural perspective.  That’s easy.  It is bad now and it is going to get worse.  When you look at things from a human or natural perspective, what else can you say?  That is the statement, it’s not good and it is going to get worse before it gets better.  Nothing profound about that.

But here is the question.  Is that how our Father sees it?  What might His perspective be on the situation?  We are Kingdom people, full shareholders in a Kingdom that is unshakable (Hebrews 12:28).  Some, I guess view that verse as a statement of the surety of heaven, for the believer.  I won’t argue against that point one way or the other.  But is that all being a Kingdom person is about–heaven?  (sure, I know, that would be enough but…?)

What if we who are Kingdom people, began to think differently, to carefully listen for the mind of our Father?  Began to look at things from the Spiritual and supernatural and not just the flesh or natural?  What if we began to gather in groups of Kingdom people and strategize Kingdom solutions for these problems?  Would it make sense for us to start looking for businesses that are stressed or broken that we could bring some life and health to, by thinking outside the box everyone else is thinking in? 

If we believe what is going on is just a precursor to the End, how does that affect the way we think?  If we are just going to duck and cover during these “so called last” days of grave uncertainty and shaking, will we miss the opportunity of a lifetime to actually bring Kingdom values to bear on the crisis?

(BTW, we have no idea if these are the last days, and have no way of knowing, so Jesus said in Matthew 24:36. There is a lot in Matthew 24 we need to understand from a Kingdom perspective, rather than just an end times approach.  Anyone want to work on that?)

Kingdom people must not focus on a deliverance plan, an out.  I am not convinced, for a lot of reasons, that is the mind of the Father.  (You can read my thoughts about the End written before the great wave hit us.  (HERE)  This is of course not the full answer to this very important, if not the most important issue of our day, but it does have merit.)

If we are just waiting around for Jesus to come back, what happens if He doesn’t come in our lifetime?  I am committed to telling as many people about the saving grace of Jesus as I can.  It is of utmost importance.  However, is there not some Spirit filled creativity we could bring to the table right here, right now?

Pastors, elders, Spirit filled church people… Let’s start by first acting differently  than those around us, that don’t have the mind of Jesus, nor the Spirit.  Let’s rebuke and reject the spirit of fear and think with sound minds.  Let us speak optimistically about what our Father might be up to, rather then just agreeing that the enemy is doing his thing very well.  Pastors and leaders of all kinds, lead us.  Show us a new and different way.  Preach and teach Kingdom life and gospel.  Help us to see the difference.  Don’t just tell us to “hang on, Jesus is coming”.  I hope He does today, but I want help focusing on what we are going to do differently, if He doesn’t.  Even if you don’t know what to do, let’s get together and begin to pray that we will see into the Spirit realm and lock on to what the Father is doing and get hooked up to that!

Kingdom values, when appropriately applied will change culture, other wise, what’s the point?  If you wonder what Kingdom values are try reading Matthew 5-7 or Hebrews 13, you will find them there and all over the Word. 

I have some ideas, so do you.  Start sharing them.  Write about them, preach about them, invite people into your home to pray and strategize together.  Wouldn’t that be more productive and encouraging than hanging on?  If you have a blog, link your thoughts to this blog.  It will spread the word faster than I can do it alone.

As always I would love and benefit by anything you are seeing or hearing.  Please comment for all our benefit.


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  • 1. brooks  |  March 11, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    didn’t see my comment and was curious if my comments were controversial in nature.


  • 2. amanda  |  March 10, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    when i saw your offer on a new take on Matthew 24, all i could say is yes when? i wanted to write directly on your blog yes lets work on that, i am all for something other than the woe is us type thinking that prevails, and the media stirring up nothing but fear in so many people, so YES! lets pray, lets show those of us who don’t know the faith that keeps us going on our dark days. we all have dark moments, i have had a few recently, but i no longer have dark weeks, months, years, only moments, i can’t even really remember the last full dark day i had, and that is because my Father is there, yes i would love for Him to come, but couldn’t we try to focus a little more on current times and not end times. ( i hate it when i think faster than i can type.) this is an awesome post. i don’t think you hear enough how you can stir some of us up, i know i am not the only one. =)

  • 3. Andy Taylor  |  March 10, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Great article! Where are the leaders? At a time when our opportunities to advance the kingdom are greater than they may have ever been in our lifetime, most are playing it safe; the maintenance mentality is a momentum killer. It’s time for kingdom people to rise up, seize the moment and swing for the fence. Every thing that can be shaken…will be shaken. We have THE product that is unshakable. People are, or will soon be, looking for the authentic. Will they find something ‘churchy’? Or will they find that which is real? THIS is the time for our opportunity!!

  • 4. Doug  |  March 10, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    I still have an old idea that is getting more new looks every day. Outside the box is a place of faith and hope. Keep up the good word!

  • 5. Kelly Norman  |  March 10, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Amen! That article on Kingdom Thinking is great. Remember Love never fails!! As we seek fresh new ideas from the Lord remember to base it all on love and it will not fail!

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