Summit Recap. Bob Mumford (3)

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Benson, Arizona

Back in November nearly 100 of us gathered for the first Convergence Summit, a 10 day intensive time of teaching, relationship building and worship.  It was a huge event for us and now and then I have been attempting to recap some of the times of teaching that were memorable for me.  I want to get back to that today.  Even if you did not attend the Summit I think you will still be able to get something valuable from these recaps.

Kingdom as Father and Church as Mother.  The first two from Bob are HERE and HERE.

The Shema is the way in which the Father’s Love for us is revealed and it tells us to respond to that Love by loving Him back and by refusing to give our Love to any other being or thing. (Deuteronomy 6:4-5)  By doing so we enter into personal freedom and intimacy with the Father.  Receiving the Shema presupposes that when we Love Him we will prove our Love by keeping all the “Laws and prophets” summed up and fulfilled by Loving Him and Loving others. 

How have we, the Body of Christ, departed from the Shema?  Mumford says we have fallen in love with Mother-the institutional church and lost our love for the Father represented by the Kingdom.  Observe the conflict described in Revelation 2-3.

Any searching Believer is being pushed all the time to choose between the Agape Love and Will of the Father represented by the Kingdom and the eros love and wishes of the Mother represented by the institutional Church. 

This choice between Father and Mother has been forced upon us due to the imperfect response of the Mother to the wishes of the Father-an abuse and misuse of Her discretionary authority.  To refuse to see this analogy and avoiding the truth it presents will be very expensive, in fact it already has been huge in cost to the Kingdom.

There are more than 20 million believers who love Jesus, seek the will of the Father and yet have nothing to do with their Mother (the church).  Mumford says the reason is Mother has deviated and essentially disengaged from Father.  This disengagement can be done deliberately, as we have seen in many mainline denominations moving in the exact opposite direction from Father, but the disengagement happens almost without notice in those churches that are more conservative and Bible based.  Perhaps the most obvious way we see this clinging to Mother by the fundamental churches is their unrelenting protection of the institution when attacked from within or without rather than caring for people and relationships.

There are two important points to remember when we are examining this issue.  The first is the fact that the Kingdom cannot and will not be shaken.  That is our ultimate refuge.  The second is the Church will ultimately prevail.  The gates of hell which are presently the spiritual and undiscovered cause of this tension between Father and Mother will not succeed.  Jesus has promised this.  Our responsibility is to survive and prosper in the presence of conflict.  We are promised and unshakeable Kingdom but not an unshakeable church.

We cannot, Mumford says, allow the Kingdom-the revealed will of the Father-to be sublimated and subjected to a Mother whose life and conduct is subnormal and who is in trouble, whether She knows it or not (Rev.3:17).  Given the opportunity, a troubled and confused Church will attempt to seize the Kingdom and claim it as Her own possession.  There are literally hundreds of movements which have attempted to appropriate the Kingdom in order to use if for personal advantage and self-aggrandizement.  Every time a church seeks to preserve and protect itself rather than to extend the grace and mercy of the King Himself, they are turning to Mother’s milk and away from the Father.

Next we will turn to the prescription for this disease.

For those who may desire a full transcript of this teaching you may contact me by posted comment or email.


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