Monday morning meanderings. Vol. 69 (Wednesday Wanderings)

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Benson, Arizona

We arrived in Southern Arizona yesterday afternoon, after spending nearly a week in Texas and New Mexico visiting our friends and students of the Convergence Ministry School.  We have lots of things we need to get done the next few days but we will find some time to see some of the history around here.  The weather is, as you would expect in Arizona, quite good. 

There just wasn’t time to blog over the last few days and obviously it is not Monday morning but here are a few things to meander through, catching up.  Perhaps, as Linda says, we should call this post Wednesday Wanderings.

Item one.  Maria Esteves is a little lady who was born in Mexico but has spent most of her life as a citizen of the United States.  She has raised a family, ministered in her church, worked hard, lost her husband and along the way found herself ministering to the poorest of the poor across the border in Juarez, Mexico, from her El Paso home.  Over time she has planted a couple of churches and now pastors a growing and thriving Family of believers deep inside the Mexican city. She travels back and forth several times a week, enduring 1-2 hour border crossings back into the US, to counsel, mentor, disciple, bring in clothes and food, preach, teach and pray with/for her vibrant Family.

Linda and I were honored to travel with Maria into Mexico and to share a few hours with some really wonderful people whose language we didn’t know, but who share the same love for Jesus.  Worship was sweet, even though I understood very little, the hugs and handshakes we received and gave were the same in both Spanish and English.  I was privileged to share some of what I have been learning from Hebrews 13 as Maria provided interpretation.  Along the way I felt a strong leading to call the leaders of the church up front for prayer and that was a very special time.

The stark contract between the relative wealth on one side of the border and the poverty on the other always shocks me.  No matter how bad a person’s life is in this country,  it cannot be compared to a few feet inside Mexico.  But these are strong people who have built a strong family life and a way of life, built not on accumulation of things, but on relationships and faith.  We could learn a lot from them for these days of uncertainty.

Item two.  Another friend and student Luis Escuedero, invited us to park our trailer on his small ranch north of El Paso, along the Rio Grand River, in Vado, New Mexico.   It was the perfect place to stay a few days and it gave us the opportunity to meet Luis’ family and spend some good time with him.  He is really fun to be around, is growing in the Lord and doing a great job as a single father to his two daughters while he waits in prayer and faith for his marriage to be restored.  Luis kept saying how blessed he was to have us at his place, but we know we were the blessed ones.

Our time in West Texas, Old and New Mexico was very special and a place we hope to return to.  Thank you Maria and Luis.

Item three. I am not economist and certainly no expert on anything that is happening in the world economy but didn’t we somehow know that spending fueled by cheap and easy credit would not last forever?  Did we really think that the huge upward curve property values were on, driven by low mortgage rates, could not just keep going up.  Didn’t we know we could not keep refinancing our homes to fuel our insatiable desire to buy more stuff, on the bet that our property would escalate in value? Surely we knew that buying and collecting multiples of everything, storing them in bigger barns for no real reason except we could, would have to come to an end?  Of course we knew all of that, we just chose to ignore it and make “hay, as they say, while the sun shines”.  And, of course, our leaders didn’t want to step up and say “no more” before it was too late.

Now our leaders are all looking at each other, acting as if this is a big surprise, while pointing the finger at us.  And the only solution they can come up with is to borrow more money and throw it at the problem.  Isn’t that what got us into this mess?  We have now added 3 trillion of more debt to the 3 trillion we already were committed to and no way to pay it back.  Many Americans are in the same boat, way more debt then they can pay off.

It is time to hunker down, save our money, give to others, especially the “First Fruits” to our Father.  We do know, don’t we, that we are blessed according to our faithfulness to the tithe and offerings?  There is nothing better to do, during these days of uncertainty, than to keep on tithing and giving to others, or to get started if we haven’t been.  This is the pathway to real blessing.  We must learn to take care of each other, to live out what it means to be a citizen of a Kingdom that is not of this world but will, if we submit to It’s King, change this world.

Item four.  Jake the Dog has two new posts at his blog.  You and especially your kids will enjoy what he has been up to.  Find Jake HERE.

And now, may the God of peace, who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, equip you with all you need for doing His will.  May He produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, all that is pleasing to Him. (Hebrews 13:20-21a)


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