Ancient Words for a new day. Word #1

February 5, 2009 at 12:28 am 1 comment

Sayre, Oklahoma

Monday morning I met with 6 of my young friends to study the Scriptures for a while.  We haven’t done this since Christmas and we all missed it.  The goal is to help these young men learn to mine practical truth from whatever section of the Bible we are studying in a transferable way.  In other words, what we learn together, they are to share with someone else.  Yesterday we spent nearly two hours in the first 6 verses of Hebrews 13 and I thought I would share several short posts of what we learned during our time together.  The more we listened the more we felt the Spirit was giving us fresh Words from this ancient text.

Hebrews is a difficult book to really grasp.  It’s author is unknown, though most think it came from the pen of the Apostle Paul.  Until you get to chapter 13 you aren’t given a lot of reasons to think Paul, but chapter 13 lends some weight to the argument.  I won’t take the time to write the things in Hebrews that I find hard to understand but will say that most of chapter 13 is easy to understand and so important to live out during these days of change and uncertainty. 

With that short introduction let me cut to the chase.  I will try to keep these 5-6 posts short so we can get on with living it out.

Word #1 Continue to love each other with true Christian love. (13:1)

There is nothing more critical these days then to hold on to love.  We talk a lot about Family out here and we do practice it better here than any where I have been, but we still come up short in what we aught to do.  Every where you look there are people in crisis, people who are afraid, people who are losing the things they have worked a life time to gain.  We may not be able to help in a concrete way, that is meet the financial need, but we can love them. We can extend real, caring love and it will make a difference.  Knowing some one cares, even if they can’t solve the problem matters.  Love wins.

It is interesting that the author moves to verse two with a very simple but powerful way to really show loveDon’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! (13:2)

We will show the love of the Father in the most powerful way when we invite people into our homes who we do not know as well as others.  It is that simple.  I cannot imagine someone who is struggling who would not enjoy a home cooked meal in our homes.  We get together with some of our friends in their homes and it is great but think what it would do to include a “stranger”.  We have beautiful homes, with great kitchens and dining rooms that we never use.  One of the great declarations of Scripture, not just here in Hebrews but in several other places, including the charge to elders in 1Timothy, is to practice hospitality.  In these days of declining resources and the need to find ways to do things in a less expensive way, hospitality now needs to get the emphasis the Father always intended it to get.

Hospitality to strangers.  It’s one strategic way we love each other with Christian love and it is easy.  Besides, you never know who is really coming to dinner!  (see the end of verse 2)


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Dear Ted and Gayle, Ancient Words for a new day. Word #2

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  • 1. Krisy Henry  |  February 5, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    Good one. I am always thinking “we should have them over for dinner” but never seem to pick up the phone to invite anyone. We are called to do it. Called to fellowship with folks, to use our God given homes for His purpose. Hmmm…who should I call?

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