Release for release.

January 27, 2009 at 9:54 pm 3 comments

Had a great couple of days in Big D (Dallas, TX) over the weekend.  I attended the PBR event there with bull riding legend and good friend, Cody Custer.  It was great fun meeting many new people and watching the best bull riding in the world.  Cody is one of the PBR founders and heads a ministry to the PBR and other bull riding circles.  Cody’s influence in that world is as significant an influence as anyone in the rodeo world.  He cares about people in a very special way and so has earned the right to speak into many lives there.  The church service and outreach event were well attended.  One highlight was meeting Clyde and Elsie Frost. They lost a son in 1989 in a bull riding accident.  I spent most of Saturday night watching the bull riding with them and getting some of their wisdom into my life. I had such a blessed time. 

I asked the Father to give Linda and me a Word for direction in 2009 and I woke up during that first week with one Word clearly formed in my mind.  The word is RELEASE.  As I listened and allowed the Spirit to teach me I saw that the Word moved in two directions.  It had outward movement and inward movement.

The last decade or two has been prosperous in ways I can’t ever remember.  Stocks went to unprecedented heights, home values, in many cases, tripled in value.  Incomes rose, investments paid off, retirement income allowed many to retire early with resources to do all kinds of things.  Almost everyone benefited in some way from years of amazing growth and accumulation of wealth and all that came with it, both good and bad.

But very few are still riding that wave.  Even here in oil/gas booming Oklahoma the wave is all but smoothed out and while there may be fewer layoffs here than in Seattle or other places in America, they appear to be on the horizon.  The future does not look very bright, at least in the natural.

But in the Spiritual I think things may be brighter than ever if we will embrace what the Father is doing.  I believe He is shaking things up in order to bring in a greater level of Kingdom advancement than we have ever seen in all of history.  But first must come RELEASE.  What do we RELEASE?  Perhaps we all have different things to let go of but I would suggests a few for us all to consider:  Expectations.  When things have been so good, we want them to stay that way and get depressed when they are not.  Change is good, let the past go.  It is a new day and learning to do more with less and to depend on the Father and Family is almost never learned in the good times.  RELEASE the need to continue living at the same level you have the last 10 years. How about letting go of hurt and disappointment.  Let some people off your hook.  Forgiveness is a great RELEASE and brings all kinds of beneficial results.  RELEASE the need to control every aspect of your life.  Allow some mystery into your experience.  You will see much more of the Spirit’s power and direction if you leave some blanks.  RELEASE fear and worry. This is a hard one for me.  I don’t worry about myself as much as I do those closest to me.  In declining economies children and the elderly are the most vulnerable, and there are many in both groups I love.  But my fear and worry doesn’t change anything for them.  Do what you can to help others, in fact this is a good season to make big sacrifices for others rather than to hunker down and just take care of ourselves and RELEASE their care to their Father, He is their Father too and cares about them more than we ever could.  RELEASE the need to spend money just because you can and especially if you don’t have it.  If you have it, help your Family through these days, if you don’t have it, refuse the plastic urge. 

We all have our own list of things to RELEASE in an outward direction.  But here is the exciting part about RELEASE.  While in Washington I visited Rivers of Grace Church, pastored by our friends Dennis and Diane Teague, who by the way, know a lot about RELEASE.  I went to the front after the service for prayer, as I always try to do when invited, and Diane began to pray for RELEASE to come in to my life.  The Word she had for me was RELEASE that moves inward.

When we RELEASE in an outward direction the Father will have room to RELEASE in the other direction and that was just what Diane was speaking into me.  As there is an outflow of things like those mentioned above, the Father will RELEASE into our lives a flow of power, freedom, hope, confidence, courage, boldness, gifts of the Spirit in fresh new ways, love for others, clarity of purpose and direction and so much more. 

I have not got the flow adjusted just right, quite yet.  The outward RELEASE is hard to learn and harder to practice, but I am determined because I desire a greater RELEASE inwardly than ever before.  It is coming and it is there for you as well. 

RELEASE for RELEASE in 2009!


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Monday morning meanderings. Vol.68 Dear Ted and Gayle,

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  • 1. Jeff  |  January 28, 2009 at 12:48 am

    In the afternoon of Saturday, January 24th, I saw a viewing of “The Challenge of Champions: The Story of Lane Frost and Red Rock.” It was shown at South Point in Las Vegas, NV during the CBR World Finals. The video interviews the Frosts and several others, including Luke Perry, and sets the record straight on “Eight Seconds.” Its worth buying for your DVD collection. Thanks, Jeff

  • 2. Larry Mc  |  January 27, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Your thoughts on release were right on target. I would love to use them on the alumni blog if you give permission. I find the older I get the need for release in more necessary but perhaps more difficult.
    Thanks Larry

  • 3. amanda  |  January 27, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    its funny to me that sometimes when i don’t seem to hear Him, or feel lost that He chooses lately, to speak to me thru you. thanks for being that conduit. i woke up to having my plans changed due to weather and was a bit out of sorts, but the release thing is good. i need to practice it a lot more. letting people off the hook is probably hardest as you can imagine with what happened this past year, but the control, the expectations, i am gonna try and work on. thanks as always for timely posts.

    although, i’m still a little jealous that you are pbr’ing and i’m not. =)

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