Summit Recap. Bob Mumford

December 17, 2008 at 1:41 am 1 comment

For those of you who enjoyed Christine Sine’s advent video from yesterday’s meanderings, she posts a comment here that directs you to further advent opportunities on her site.  Find her comments HERE which include the link.

I have been trying to, in some abbreviated way, recap the Convergence Summit just concluded here at Trinity.  For those of you who attended, my goal is to keep you thinking about what you heard so you can put it into practice in your personal life.  To those who were not here, I hope to encourage your understanding and perhaps get your attention to these concepts so you will study further.  By the way Summiters, all the audio from the Summit is now up on the Trinity website.  Find it HERE.  Click the online course button and then you will need the user name and password you were given during the school.  If you have forgotten it email me or call the church.  A great big thank-you to Stacey for the hours spent in putting these teachings on the website.

Now to Bob.  How does one describe this man?  The information on his website is helpful and you can find it HERE.  But that information does not measure the heart of the man.  Here is how I see him: he is a father and a rebel.  He is a leader and an agitator.  He is compassionate and angry.  He loves the Family but detests the institution that has stolen the ekklesia.  He is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma (who said that?).  What I mean is he defies most labels or at least is not like anyone you know who has that label.  He is one of the earliest leaders in the Charismatic stream but wouldn’t claim any membership in it today.  He practically started the discipleship movement but when he talks about those days he seems to be repenting of his involvement.  His passion today is the Kingdom and is an articulate but often strident proponent of the idea that everything relates to, leads to, is about the Kingdom or it is nothing.  Kingdom, I think he would say, is not something to be anticipated it is what everything in life is about, right now.

His work on agape love is ground breaking and at the same time so obvious and right we ask ourselves how we missed it. Agape is always behavioral.  When we are made children of Father God, His agape is implanted in us so we now can choose to do a hurting world good.  For example Bob writes: To love (agape) God is faithfulness to God, to myself and to my neighbor (Matthew 5). So I will keep my promises and commitments irrespective of what it costs me personally. When I am unfaithful to my promises, He gives me His Own faithfulness.  When I encroach upon others, I am asking for their forgiveness.  When encroached upon by others, I am freely giving my forgiveness.  This is Kingdom agape.  I give unqualified love and unlimited forgiveness.  When someone sticks a gun in my back and robs me I thank the Father that I had something they wanted.  Thank you Lord that I was robbed and did not do the robbing.  In the Kingdom we find a freedom and absence of all that is self-motivated and self absorbed. 

This, Bob says, is the most demanding and expensive aspect of the Kingdom that we could ever imagine.  Unqualified love and unlimited forgiveness.

Well, that is a short introduction to this man and his understanding of Kingdom and agape.  If you have inclination to dig deeper into the truth revealed to him, pick up a copy of his book, Agape Road.  You can find it HERE

Tomorrow some more Bob Mumford.


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Monday morning meanderings. Vol.63 Summit Recap. Bob Mumford (2)

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  • 1. Larry Mc  |  December 19, 2008 at 12:14 am

    I look for more on Bob and what he is sharing. Thanks

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