Summit Recap. Tim Johns

December 12, 2008 at 10:17 pm 1 comment

Almost 3 weeks ago now we finished a tremendous 10 days of Kingdom teaching, relationship building and intentional mentoring with 75 students from 15 states and 3-4 foriegn countries.  Our ministry school here at Trinity is called Convergence because out here in this little Western Oklahoma Kingdom outpost there is a coming together, a merging of Kingdom thinkers and thinking, Kingdom life, Kingdom relationships and Kingdom ministry melding together supernaturally.  Trinity is becoming an intersection for radical, revolutionary ideas and action, coming together to produce, gather and learn, stratagize, relate as Family under a covering of love and acceptance and be deployed around the nation to build apostolic Familes advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom in workplaces and Faith communities of all kinds.  It is a supernatural expression of Kingdom Life and Values that converges here in Sayre but moves out to start “Kingdom fires” every where we go.

Starting today and concluding who knows when, I want to recap some of the teaching from our Convergence Summit.  For those of you who were able to be here it will be a good reminder of what we were taught but it will also wet the appetite for other readers who crave the Kingdom gospel, even some who don’t know that is what you are looking for.

I had thought of doing this in the order we received it out here but I think I will do it as the Spirit reminds me of some of the key thoughts expressed by the various “Fathers” who shared with us.

I will start with Tim Johns because I have been thinking a lot about the things he said and the radical nature of it.  Tim and his wife Janet are part of a community of Kingdom people in Kansas City called the Rock Tribe which is, as I understand it, an intentional gathering of people to live in community (and in a community) to live out Kingdom values and Kingdom reality together so as to impact those they live among.  You can find more about Tim and Janet HERE and the Rock Tribe website HERE.

Tim has so much important to say he could have literally been our guide for the whole 10 days.  No doubt we will bring Tim and Janet back for an extended time focused on his gifted insight into God as Father and what it means to be a spiritual Family.

Today and tomorrow I want to post some key bullet points from Tim’s understanding of Spiritual Fathering (and Mothering) and Family.  The word Father means source.  The Heavenly Father delegates authority and responsibility to natural and spiritual parents to be conduits of His life.  Spiritual parents release life, protect life through self-sacrifice so as to help others mature and fulfill destiny.  Parents exist to serve offspring not the other way around. (think about that pastors/elders/parents)  True parents are resources of life to others and as a result produce fruit in offspring that is evident everywhere.

What does a healthy Spiriutal Father or Mother look like?

  • Spiritual Fathers/Mothers are the communicators and guardians of Biblical Kingdom values.  They model and train out of their own character and values and create ways to birth these values and character in their “children”.
  • They birth in their children God inspired faith vision.
  • They birth and raise spiritual families through new births and spiritual adoptions.
  • They create an atmosphere where family members can be mentored and matured, encourage all members of the family to reach maximum potential.
  • They create a culture where people find love, encouragement and value.
  • They creat and enforce realistic boundaries.  They discipline in love for growth and maturity to be formed.
  • They cover their families in prayer.
  • They model godliness and Kingdom lifestyle.
  • They impart spiritual gifts, blessings and help gather resources for the family vision.
  • They rally the family to love and serve children, youth, poor, widows, orphans, unreached people in the nations.
  • They create an atmoshere of love, acceptance, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, humor and fun.
  • They train and model Kingdom covenant life.  They are not professional ministers, hired church workers, who maintain a pastoral persona, moving from church to church to further a career.
  • They are accountable to other spiritual fathers and mothers.  They are easily corrected, admit their sin, failures and weaknesses, and work hard to improve themselves for the sake of the Family.

That is enough for one recap.  Tomorrow I will write what Tim has to say about what constitues a true spiritual family.  Just because a group calls itself a church or spiritual family does not mean it is one. 

Might be worth your time to evaluate the leadership of the group you are connected with in light of this excellent evaluative material.

Until tommorow (or late tonight or the next day or…).


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And that old north wind begins to blow… Summit Recap. Tim Johns (2)

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  • 1. Maggie  |  December 14, 2008 at 10:42 am

    This reminds me of Scott,Gail and the children. They live this life and have extended it to others in the family and friends. I see it working together for all of them, in the name of the Lord. Miss you! See you soon.

    I met Traci and the boys in Walmart.
    What an awesome mother she is. Sloan gave me a big hug . Sean and Eyob were not in the mood to be dealing with anyone. I did get a big smile eventually, from both.

    We send our love,

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