Monday morning meanderings. Vol.62

December 8, 2008 at 10:00 pm 3 comments

Sayre, Oklahoma

High today is supposed to be near 70 and the high tomorrow 30 degrees cooler.  Better enjoy today.  Last year at this time we are about ready to head to Arizona but we are planning that for later this year.  May be sorry!

Been pretty busy the last few weeks so the meanderings have been either not written or short so will do a little more today, maybe…

Item one.  Travelled to Wichita, Kansas on Friday to visit Willow Elizabeth Lovingfoss for the first time (find pics HERE).  She was 15 days old and looking really good.  Parents Royal and Rachel were looking good too and we had a really nice 24 hours with them in their beautiful new home in suburban Wichita.  Wichita is a very nice little city and a nice place to live and work.  Royal works HERE and enjoys it.  Grandparents Bill and Leslee were there as well so it was fun to see our good friends.  It is a four hour drive, almost exactly 300 miles.

Item two.  For those of you who love Jesus and love sports I offer this link to the best of both.  The site is called prayersforblowouts.  Give it a look, it is right HERE.

Item three.  Looking for a good place to donate some cash that makes a difference?  You might try this creative site, that is trying to do some good during the holiday season.  This link is dedicated to my shoe loving son and daughter in law.  Find 50000shoes right HERE.

Item four.  Any one else have a dog?  One that you take with you when you go visiting?  Anyone know how to handle the struggle between the attitude that says “he’s our dog and if you want us then you want our dog” and the obvious reality that some people don’t want your dog in their house? (which is their right)  Because we travel so much we can’t just put Jake in a kennel all the time or ask others to care for him, but leaving him in the truck or outside while we visit someone doesn’t really work either.  Some people have no problem with it, while others do.  Not sure what the difference is.  Anyone know? I’m serious, anyone know how to handle this world changing issue?

Item five. I have been doing more texting with my cell phone and though my phone is not all that easy to text on, I am doing it more all the time.  But I am wondering what the point is.  For those of you who don’t text, texting is when people use their phones, and, in mere minutes, are able to send a message that otherwise, in normal conversation, may have required seconds.  I need to get the texting dictionary so that I can use all the shortcuts the culture under 35 knows by heart.   Anyone know why texting is so popular?

Item six.  Football out here is big, that is BIG.  With Oklahoma playing for the mythical national championship and the Dallas Cowboys only a few miles south and high school football still seeking state champions, the pigskin is flying.  After driving from Wichita to Sayre Saturday night arriving ,back here about 11pm, what did I do?  I watched the DVR of the Big Twelve Championship.  I watched every play, no commercials and it took about an hour to see OU crush Missouri 62-21.  My brother in law Bob is a columnist at the Eugene (Oregon) Register Guard newspaper and an avid sports fan.  I thought you might like to read his recent column on football in Texas.  Find the article HERE.

Well that is enough for one Monday.  Enjoy your week and remember to make a difference in someone’s life this Christmas season.


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Sown seed. And that old north wind begins to blow…

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  • 1. amanda  |  December 9, 2008 at 8:22 am

    i agree with Kasey, i have a few friends that travel EVERYWHERE (even just to the grocery) with their dogs and they have them crate trained, as long as you clean up after their potty breaks (the dogs not your friends) it seems to be the best way for everyone involved.

  • 2. Royal  |  December 9, 2008 at 12:25 am

    It was great having you, Linda, and Jake up for the day. We enjoy having company, even if they bring dog(s). I guess you just have to look at it like this; if people really want to see you then they might have to put up with your pet. As long as the pet stays relatively under control then I don’t have an issue with it. If someone you are visiting is allergic then that is another issue.

  • 3. Kasey  |  December 8, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    On texting, I’ll admit with the wrong phone its pretty cumbersome, but the value is still there. As an example, if you are in a meeting/visiting with someone and you need a quick answer on something but don’t want to be rude to get on the phone and take what ends up being 2-5 minutes calling someone up, saying hello, the niceties and the I’ll call you later conversation, you just text them. Its wonderful. This weekend I did that with my dad. I was negotiating on some parts for my truck with this guy and I text my dad the photo with a little comment, responded back immediately and I had my input.
    Talking on the phone takes longer. By the time you get done dialing the number or looking up the number to dial you could have sent your message.
    My next gadget wish list is to get my voicemails transferred into texts so that I can reply to them without calling a person back (these people should have probably texted me 😉 ).

    Regarding the dog situation. Crate train. That should give you the freedom you need and the ability to let your guests invite your dog in, otherwise you’ll have to go out and let them pee and run the lawn ever-so-often. This is how may aunt and uncle handled their dogs in very similar circumstance and it seemed to work for them. Although their crate was their Camper on the back of their truck. So, would a crate work?

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