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Where were we?

Foss Lake State Park (near Clinton, Oklahoma)

Could check for sure but I can’t remember another time, during the nearly two year life of the Juniper Tree, that I have not posted anything for 29 days.  Also can’t really remember a busier 29 days in over 3 years.

So, where were we, when I last wrote?  I was just preparing to travel to Washington for a few days with the kids and grandkids and to meet Linda who had been out in the Northwest for 10 days.  It was a great time and really fun to have all the family together in one place for a couple of days.  They are all doing well and learning to live with freedom and fullness in spite of good but less than perfect situations.  I love their resiliency and commitment to each other.

After 2+ weeks of preparation for the Convergence Summit and then another two weeks hosting and “cleaning” up for over 100 people for 10 days of great teaching, relationship building, worship, interaction, counselling and assorted administrative tasks, we are out at our “favorite” Oklahoma State Park about 45 miles from Sayre.  We came out Wednesday afternoon and joined one other couple (from Austrailia) in a park that could handle a couple hundred campers, and settled in to rest, relax, get over stubborn coughs and colds we both have, process, do a little house cleaning and enjoy a little different scenery.  The weather was great the first two days, (high 60s) but today is a little cooler, though the sun is making an appearance now and then.

We spent Thanksgiving by ourselves, I think the first time ever but we did the whole thing, from the bird to the pie and it sure was good.  I just finished the massive amounts of dishes Linda dirtied while I watched her cook the great dinner.  A fair trade, her cooking for my dish washing.  We didn’t have to be alone, we had 3 invitations but we just didn’t want to bring our respective viruses into someone else’s home.  It really hasn’t been too bad.

Last night we drove the 15 miles or so into Clinton to find a good signal for our air card so we could use Skype and visit with all the kids in Gig Harbor on our computer.  We found a great signal in a McDonalds parking lot, where there was some decent light (it was dark here), and we got to see everybody gathered at Brad and Summer’s for turkey day.  Canyon Paul and Sage Olivia were sleeping so we missed them but we got to see and visit with everyone else.  Gotta love technology.  Eyob Mark has his hair cut and looks quite different, very cute.  Sean Allan is full of life as usual and talking more clearly all the time.  Sloan Christopher was busy but we did get a few words out of him.  They were all more interested in seeing themselves on camera than us!  Wish we could have seen the young Scandretts.  Good to see the older people too!

During the first days of the Summit, our house deal in Shelton came apart but we quickly were able to find another and that house should close the middle of December.  It really has been a hassle to try and do all of this from 2000 miles away, but our realtor, Jeanee Blanton has been great and Traci and Brandon have done a lot too.  Never have bought a house, sight unseen before, but I think it will be great.  The uncertain economy, housing devaluations and difficult financing options make house buying much more difficult these days but we strongly believe our Father has been guiding our footsteps.

With the Summit behind us (probably will write more about it in the days ahead) we are pointed toward “what’s next”.  I hope to do some truck driving in the weeks ahead to make some extra cash and we are contemplating where we will spend Christmas and the winter.  We have a lot to do here so have to think about how it all fits together.  Perhaps Christmas in Colorado with my Dad, brother and his family and a few days in Washington sometime in January?  A niece is getting married in SoCal right after Christmas, so that is an option to think about. We want to be with our friends and Convergence students in Arizona and not just because the weather is good there.  We are working on church planting details as well as a potential teaching center out there so there is a lot to do besides enjoy sunshine. Not to mention classes to teach in OK and other things to do here too, so there is lots to figure out, so we shall see. 

Where were we?  Now you know.  Probably more than you needed or wanted to know.  Expect to be back to regular blogging the first of the week.  Trust your thanksgiving was real and in spite of uncertainty in almost every area of life we are a blessed people with much to be thankful for.  We love you all and are thankful you are in our life.


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