Monday morning meanderings. Vol.54

August 12, 2008 at 11:29 pm 1 comment

Grapeview, Washington

Monday morning and nothing much “exciting” to meander through.  Trucking school is over, the new baby is not here yet and there isn’t a whole lot else new in the picture.  So maybe I will pick on politics or religion or both.

Item one.  Is it too late for a do-over in the political primaries that gave us the Obama/McCain choice?  I suppose it is.  Don’t care for either and I really don’t like the premise that says, “vote for the person who will appoint “conservative” judges.  Some say there is a real choice in this election but the choice to me seems to be between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Barna says “evangelicals” are choosing Obama by a large margin and that is certainly a change.  The race issue, though seldom mentioned is an issue that is real and it is really sad that it is.  Neither of these guys can do much about energy problemsand the resultant economic stuff that falls out of the high cost of energy.  We are so blase in this country about energy that we are happy if the cost of fuel drops a quarter, even though it is up 2 dollars since this time last year.  The almost total lack of anything constructive coming from either side of the political spectrum towards solving the major problems we face as a nation and world would be humorous if it wasn’t so scarey.  Having Nancy Pelosi and Obama running the country doesn’t sound like fun but frankly McCain and Mitt Romney is not a great alternative.  If I had to vote today, I’m not sure I would.  Here are a three different viewpoints that are interesting, sort of.  Here and here and here.  Who are you choosing?

Item two.  Here are a few blogs I read with some interesting posts: Eugene Cho posts an interesting article from CNN with this title “Why many Americans prefer their Sunday’s segregated.”  You can find Eugene’s blog hereThis one here from the Imonk has a pretty good bite.  The title? “The suburban Jesus hates me”.  And this one here from one of my favorite blogs, Stuff Christians like, on a Christian Tattoo contest.  This one from the NY Times is good but few are bothering to listen.  This from a young man who grieves authentically.  Find it here.  And my friend Sumi blogs with such sensitivity on the same subject, here.  And this one on how men feel about getting old, or is it older?  Here.

Item three.  Well, here it is Tuesday and I am just getting back to the meanderings.  Obviously, it wasn’t too pressing.  I have gotten pretty lazy with this blog lately and I know for those of you who sit by your computers waiting for these posts to come through, this has caused you some serious withdrawal issues.  Sure.  We went to see Brad, Summer and Canyon Paulfor the afternoon and evening and that was good fun.  CP is a lot of fun as he is very verbal and full of life.  Summer is really ready to have the new baby and not moving too fast or doing too much.  I think it could be anytime.

Good friend Tyler and wife Christine just had their first, yesterday and what a baby he is.  Joshua weighed in at 10 lbs 6 oz!  That is a big baby.  Congrats to them and to Grandma Barb!

My Dad is coming for a visit, next week and that will be fun.  It has been a long time since he came to see us and he will enjoy seeing the four boys and maybe the new one will show while he is here.  I think Linda’s parents are coming for a day soon too.

Our friends Rand and Kaylee are moving with their boys from Phoenix, AZ to Phoenixville, PA.  Rand will be part of the leadership of a church there.  What a big move for them.  They have so faithfully waited for their Father to open just the right door for them and this is it!  Read Kaylee’s blog here.

Item four.  There is a disease in the full time RV world called “hitch itch”.  It comes when you have been one place for a while and want to move along.  We are starting to get it, not so much because this isn’t a great place and we are really enjoying the kids and Bill and Leslee but when you live in an RV moving along is what you do and besides it is time to get back to the other home in Oklahoma.  Really miss Andy, Julie, Daryle, Carrie, Buddy, Lennie, Debby, Cody, Stacey (and all the kids), Charlie, Lorrisa (all their kids too), Eric, Jenny and the girls, Jack, Sharisa, Harley and the list goes on.  What friends they all are to us.  Don’t really miss Oklahoma, though it is steadily growing on me, but there are no greater (some equally great out here) people than Okies!

That’s enough.  There will be more posts this week, for sure, well maybe…


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  • 1. Gwen  |  August 16, 2008 at 7:51 am

    I just wish that you would run for president, because I can so see Linda as the first lady.
    I have always agreed with everything that has come from your mouth and heart.
    In a few years we can take it to a poll on the internet, life will only exist for many there by then, and I am sure your friends and the right democrats in Oklahoma will
    agree with me. You da man!

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