Monday morning meanderings. Vol.48

June 16, 2008 at 2:58 pm 2 comments

Sayre, Oklahoma

This will be the last meanderings that originates from Sayre for a couple of months.  We are leaving in a couple of days to make the 2000 mile drive to Washington.  Probably won’t have much internet service along the way so posts may be few and far between.  I think the break will be good for me, probably you too!

Item one.  Traci, Brandon and the boys decided to stay an extra day so they are still here.  It has been a really good time for all of us.  A really nice place to stay, here on the Trinity ranch, some really good times of conversation, playing with the boys and watching them play.  You can check out Traci’s blog to get the details and some pictures here.  They will leave early in the morning to head back to Utah.  They are anticipating a move back “home” to Washington by the first of July and so there is much happening in their lives.

Item two. June is one of the better months, from my perspective. Our 36th wedding anniversary is on the 9th, I made it to my 58th birthday on the 10thand then yesterday was Father’s Day.  With the kids here an anniversarycelebration was put on hold but we did celebrate the birthday with friends and then it was really special to have my girl with me for Father’s Day.  Brad called and we had a good conversation and I felt blessed to have two really great adult children, two of the very best in-law adult children and 4 special grandsons with the fifth grandchild on the way.  Being a father is maybe only exceeded in joy, by being a grand-father.

Item three. Something really good from Kamp Krusty, right here.  This is one of, if not my favorite blog.  This guy gets it, related to the institutional church, pastors, relationships and honesty, especially honesty.  He writes wth humor, sensitivity and sometimes some well placed anger.  If you haven’t wandered over to the Kamp, take a few minutes and read this.

Item four. Don’t care much for golf and almost never watch it, but while I have been writing this I have had the tv on with no sound and watched Tiger Woods win again in extraordinary fashion.  If there is another athlete alive today with more courage, grit, determination, skill, gifting and whatever else it takes to be great, than Tiger Woods, please let me know who it is.

Item five. Andy was cleaning his desk this morning while we were having a visit and handed me a six year old copy of a Jon Wimber PowerPoints he had some where on his desk.  I am not sure the website is still active but it is still up and you can find it here.  Since I can’t find the link I thought I would just type the devo in here so you can read it: I love the little anecdote concerning David found in 2Samuel 16:5-12 when he is travelling with his army.  There’s a man on the side of the hill kicking dirt and throwing rocks at him.  The soldiers want to go up and kill the guy.  “Shall we go get him?” they ask.  David answers them (and I paraphrase) “Oh no, better not. It’s probably the Lord.”  I just love that because it probably was.

The Lord is allowing this fellow to vent his wrath, for whatever reason, but David saw the hand of God in it.  David saw that all this indignity was something that God had willed for him to bring him into a better, more harmonious place with God.

Perhaps he was learning a thing or two about mercy; the text doesn’t say.  Certainly he had the right, authority and a power to kill that man.  He was the king.  You don’t kick dirt on the king.  But he accepted it as the hand of God and perhaps learned something from the Lord as well.  It’s in that kind of acceptance that we get some of the greatest understanding. 

I wasn’t in the stream that carried John Wimber to such extraordinary impact on the Kingdom, but no one influenced contemporary worship in the church more than John Wimber and no one understood what it is to walk in the pure supernatural reality that is our destiny, quite like he did.  I just read his autobiography a few weeks ago called The Way it Was (by his wife Carol) and I felt a sense of loss for what I missed, but also felt a strong sense that the anointing that was on John Wimber is now there for all of us who will not fear man but will be free to see the things that are not as though they were and say “…it’s probably the Lord”.

Have a great week.


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Family visit. Sabbatical.

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  • 1. Royal  |  June 25, 2008 at 11:26 am

    I would rank Michael Jordan slightly ahead of Tiger Woods in the categories you mentioned. He was able to “will” victory in a team sport, his actions were affected by and effected his teammates and his opponents. Tiger, though spectacular, only can control his own decisions and heap pressure on his opponents, he can not force them into decisions. Playing for yourself and playing for a team have similiarities but the differences are what set the two apart.

  • 2. Doug Wright  |  June 17, 2008 at 8:14 am

    I hope we all recognize the call and or corrections with the same patience as David.
    Have a great, safe trip up the interstate and back to one of many God Country locations.

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