Monday morning meanderings. Vol.47

June 9, 2008 at 6:54 am 2 comments

Sayre, OK

With temps breaking the 100 mark several times last week, we finally broke down and had a second air conditioner installed in our 5th wheel.  They told us when we bought it, we would need it but we said “we live in the NW, it doesn’t get that hot for very long.”  Who knew we would be in the Midwest for several months of the year.  Fortunately we did take their advice and have the trailer wired for a second air conditioner so the install was relatively easy.  It is nice to have and Jake has found the bedroom, where the new unit is, to be his new favorite place.

Item one. The kids are coming, the kids are coming!  By the time you read this, Traci, Brandon, Sloan, Sean and Eyob will be here!!!!  They spent Saturday night in Gallup, NM and will drive the 540 miles to Sayre today (Sunday).  They will be with us for a full week.  We are looking forward to them seeing where we are, meeting the friends who have been so kind to us and seeing why it is we love the Trinity Family.  Their lives are going through a shaking, but they are learning well, what it means to walk in faith.  If you want to check up on their lives and plans you can read Traci’s latest here.

Item two.  What is your price point?  That’s the price gas has to get to before you start to drive less.  Apparently for many, if not most Americans, their price point is $4.00.  Syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer has been espousing for years, what he calls a foolproof plan to end our oil habit that makes a lot of sense to me, but apparently the people in charge (politicians) don’t think they could get elected if they put it in place, so the plan, while foolproof is futile.  Read what he says here.

Item three. We can finally start to look carefully at who it is we think can best lead our nation.  Several months ago I called it an Obama/Huckabee and I was half right.  Now it gets serious.  It has been a long time since a presidential election in this country had the kind of importance this one does.  I am really no fan of either man and ask myself why, in this great country we cannot do two things: First, have more than two choices and two, barring that, have two people who are the very best we can put out there, not the two who are willing to cut off a limb to get the job.  Any thoughts on running mates for these two?

Item four.  More from Stuff Christians Like.  In a world where we all must begin, no its past time to begin, it’s time to get after adjusting our financial lives, it is time to stop with the spend anyway we want, charge it to our card and expect God to provide.  That is the gist of this excellent blog on money.  Read it here.  I mean it, go read it here.  Seriously, right…here.

Item five. Heading back to Washington in a couple of weeks has me thinking about fly fishing. I haven’t taken the time to go after the abundant warm water fishing there is out here so I am really anticipating getting some trout on the fly real soon.  Here is a website by a friend of Brad’s that has me thinking about it.  Wilderness Angler in Gig Harbor.  Find it here.

Item six. My brother MIke and my sis-in-law, Vicky are leaving for Africa this week for about a month.  They are headed out on their first mission trip and will spend 10 days or so without running water and flush toilets helping to build something (don’t have the details) in Kenya.  My bro will have his 61st birthday while in Africa and I am really proud of them for doing something “uncomfortable” when they have the means and the opportunity to just be about themselves.  Have a great trip guys!



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  • 1. Warren  |  June 12, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    I’m hoping McCain picks Huckabee… We have relatives that have property on the Methow River. They probably would be happy to let you fly fish there!

  • 2. Blake  |  June 9, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    Hey Greg,
    Thanks for the link! I hope you’re in town at the same time I am. I’m leading a group of students to Vancouver for a mission trip so I will be gone for 10 days. Shoot me an email and we can put together some fishing plans! 🙂

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