Kingdom.06 Self-centered.

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I wrote in my last Kingdom post (find it here) that the kingdom of self is not compatible with the Kingdom of God.  While incompatible, self is still very natural, that is we come by our desire to be the king over our own worlds, naturally.  We inherited this propensity from our parents who got it from their parents who got it from their parents…who got it from our father Adam.  We do not need to learn to be self-centered, to fight over toys or lie when we are in trouble or determine to have our own way in whatever situation we are in.  We will always naturally gravitate toward whatever looks good, feels good or satisfies our need to be in control.  There really is no natural limitation on the evil a self-centered, ego filled person can do when attempting to be king over his own world. (think Hitler)

Self is what motivates us no matter how old we are or mature we are.  The only thing powerful enough to trump the self-centered life is the King Jesus-centered life.  By the way, just doing religious type stuff, even being a leader in a religious arena, does not snuff out the self-life.  Hypocrisy, by definition, means to try and make ourselves look better than we really are and much of religion is focused on just that.  There are an unlimited number of ways that self rule works its way out in our lives.  Some are just annoying while others are unbelievably wicked.  Independence is a bad road but when we start down it (as babies) it is hard to find the correct exit and get off.

The enemy of the Kingdom of God is called a number of names; deceiver, tempter, liar, thief, murderer, devil, adversary, among others.  Sometimes we call him Satan and he is the primary culprit in encouraging us to live self-centered rather than King Jesus-centered.  But sin, our inheritance from the first Adam, is the force that causes us to be drawn to rebellion against our King.  Sin is in us and it is sin that keeps us from even the desire to do good but even when we want to, sin keeps us from being able to. (Romans 7:18-21) Sin is pictured in the Bible as spiritual slavery and freedom from it is impossible apart from an Outside Source.

But self-centeredness is the worst of all enemies of Kingdom life.  Satan uses self as the way to promote sin in our lives.  The first Adam had the capacity created in him to choose the self-life and when he did he took his ancestors with him into a constant need to rule over our selves, to be self-centered.

Freedom from self-slavery would be impossible unless the Creator chooses to rescue the first Adam and his multiple descendants from the consequences of choosing independence from their Creating Father.  The message of the Gospel of the Kingdom is the plan by which the Father frees his children from this inherited slavery and returns things to their intended eternal purpose-the preeminence of Christ.  (see Kingdom post on Preeminence here)

The first Adam is the source of the self-centered life but the way out of that life into the King Jesus-centered life begins with the second Adam, who without much fanfare launches a Kingdom recovery program in an obscure little country in the middle East.  It is an extraordinary story, but as we will discover, it is so much more than a story.


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