Kingdom.05 Independence.

March 26, 2008 at 2:45 pm 1 comment

If there is one thing we must learn if we are to fully enter the Kingdom life it is this: the Kingdom of God is totally incompatible with the kingdom of self.  In the kingdom of self I am preeminent and in the Kingdom of God, Jesus is preeminent. (see post on preeminence here) 

You are completely free to choose the path of independence and be the king of your kingdom.  The Father will never force you into the Kingdom apart from your decision.  Living independent of the one who created you and therefore knows what is best for you, might work for a season, but we were not created for long term independence and sooner or later sowing to our own idea of what is right for us, leads inevitably to destruction.

When Jesus taught about Kingdom life, He told stories and the story of the Prodigal Son is about the kingdom of self and independence versus the Kingdom of God and dependence.  Here is a son who had everything provided by his father and never lacked for anything.  But like all of us, he wanted to be independent and do his own thing.  So the father gave him what he wanted and the boy set out to have a good time, which he had, for a season.  Make no mistake, independence is attractive and enjoyable temporarily and for a short period, this young man had the time of his life, but eventually the money runs out and his drive for independence lands him scrounging for food with the pigs.  Finally the light goes on in his brain and he realizes that independence is killing him.  He says, “I wouldn’t even mind being a slave, I just want to go home.”

The father of course is thrilled about the return of his son and greets him with a huge party.  If we are to understand the Kingdom we must understand that this is more than simply a cool story about a Father’s unconditional love, it is a story that tells us how the Kingdom of God differs from the kingdom of self.  When you choose the independent life it is only a matter of time till you end up hungry.  No one is ever forced to stay with the Father, even though He created us to stay close to Him and promises to meet all our needs, you can leave whenever you choose and you can also return anytime you choose. But there are always consequences to your choice.

What does it mean to sin?  The first language of the Bible used a Hebrew word that means to miss the mark.  It was a term associated with archery where the goal is to hit the bulls-eye.  Anytime the archer came up a little to the left or right, fell short or went to long or simply failing to hit what he was aiming for, those misses were called sin.

Anytime we take the independent path, we are going to come up short of the bulls-eye.  The bulls-eye is …that in all things He might have the preeminence.  The purpose for which you were created is to be part of the all things that give our King the preeminence only He deserves. Independence gives the kingdom of self preeminence and independence is living out of sync with how we were created, so it always misses the mark and so it is incompatible with Kingdom life. 

True Kingdom living is living in dependence on our King.  There are many aberrations of true Kingdom living and every one is rooted in self and independence. 


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  • 1. John Willis  |  March 26, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Well said a joy to read

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