Monday morning meanderings. Vol.36 (Tuesday Edition)

March 18, 2008 at 10:45 am 2 comments

South Jordan, Utah

Here in Utah it is 10:45 Mountain Standard Time so to get the Meanderings out on Monday means I have to hurry.  If I was still in Sayre it would mean less than 15 minutes.  Hopefully I will have it posted by Tuesday.

Item one. Oklahoma/Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas/Colorado/Wyoming/Utah.  Those are the states and the order we travelled through them on the way to Utah to spend a week with the kids, during spring break and Easter week.  We left early Sunday morning drove the 30+ miles in Oklahoma, entered the Texas panhandle, drove to the northernmost city in Texas (Perryton), spoke at a new church there, then drove 7 miles north back into the Oklahoma panhandle for about 50 miles and then on into Kansas.  From there we continued north till we intersected I-70 where we headed west to Colorado.  About Lymon we encountered snow and fog and by the time we got into Denver it was snowing hard.  We stayed in Longmont where it snowed most of the night and then Monday morning we drove north on I-25 another 50 miles or so to Cheyenne, Wyoming where we picked up I-80 and headed off across much of southern Wyoming and into Utah.  In the space of about 24 hours we were in 6 different states, one twice.  We made the nearly 1200 miles in about 2o hours of driving time with little incident. 

Item two. $3.99.9  That is the price I paid for diesel in Colorado Sunday night.  The truck was nearly empty so the bill was over $150.00 to fill it up!  Not too long ago $3.49.9 was my high “diesel” point.  When I filled up in Rawlins, Wyoming 400 miles later, the price was $3.78.9 and I felt good about it!  The kind people in Perryton gave us a nice “love offering” for sharing the Word, which I was happy to do and expected to do for nothing, so the diesel for most of this trip is paid for.  We are blessed people.

Item three.  It happened again.  When the difficulties of the past couple of years were in their most intense period, Linda had a vision of our whole family standing in the worship center of the CLB (church left behind) singing the wonderful Chris Tomlin song “How Great is our God” with the people we served for nearly 17 years.  She believed that God had given her that Word of restoration and healing and anticipated that one day, she thought sooner rather then later, we would stand hand in hand with those folks and do as Tomlin invites us to do in his lyrics: How great is our God, sing with me (us), how great is our God, and all will see, how great, how great is our God.  In the last year or so we have been in 6-8 different churches and the first time we have been in each of those churches, they have sung during worship, that very song Linda was sure we would be singing, but haven’t yet been invited to, with the church in Washington. …and it happened again Sunday.  We have never been to this brand new church in Perryton, Texas before but sure enough, during the worship time we sang that song again.

When Linda shared her vision with a friend in Oklahoma and how this vision plays out in every church we go into, from Washington to Oklahoma, except the one she believed it was for, the friend told her “sometimes you just have to change your dreams”.  For the most part we have adjusted to the reality that reconciliation is unlikely with the CLB, let alone restoration, but somehow we have not been able to let go of that dream.  We still believe that it would really be a good thing  for all to see, how great, how great is our God.

Item four. One of the things I hear the Father say to me again and again is that we are to invest what ever time we have, back into the next generation, and so that is what we have been doing every chance we get.  Last week was a special week that way.  Cody and Charlie, two of our Convergence students, good friends and fellow trekkers to Western Oklahoma, asked us if we would meet with them for a few hours each week beyond the regular class times.  They want to learn more of the Word and redeem the time that we will all be together.  So we met for at least 4 hours last week and it was such “good times”.  Then we had another class Thursday night, spent some time with a pastor and his wife in Perryton, Texas and those times along with the many other spontaneous opportunities each day, really confirmed what we are hearing the Father call us to.  We have met such wonderful, life giving people on this journey, and Cody and Charlie, along with their families are such a huge blessing to us.

Item five. My friend Leslee wanted me to do a Friday Funny on the Juniper Tree, but I just couldn’t make it work, so here is a little Monday Mirth.  The definition of middle age?  When action creaks louder than words.  There is a reason, Leslee, why a whole day for humor didn’t really work so well for me.  (Got a better one?  Send it to me.  This is not Readers Digest, there is no money for it)

Enjoy Easter week. Think about Jesus!


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  • 1. leslee  |  March 18, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    who can handle a whole day of humor? i know i can’t….and a whole post written to amuse is never what i had been thinking of…..
    but you have a wonderful God given humor and it has always been a blessing for me to hear you and bill laugh together that just a little friday funny ….you know like a little funny quote at the top or bottom or to the side of your indepth and thoughtful post…..something totally out of the blue…..that is what i was thinking…..and i didn’t mean to put any pressure on you…..
    if it doesn’t come spontaneously, it shouldn’t come at all!
    hugs to you

  • 2. Keith  |  March 18, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    I was one of the people you spoke to Sunday in Perryton….I must tell you that the word you brought was one of the best I had heard from anyone in some time….our new church needed to hear what you had to say…but more than that…I needed to hear it….I pray that you have a great visit in Utah, and the you are blessed beyond your dreams….God sent you to stop in Perryton for reason…and if it wasn’t me…then chances are it was everyone that was sitting in a chair Sunday….Thank you again for stopping and giving us what God had put on your heart….I hope that you can come back again someday….May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

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