Monday Morning Meanderings. Vol. 32 (Wednesday edition)

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Lordsburg, New Mexico (info here)

We left Arizona a day later than planned and then several hours later on Tuesday arriving here in western New Mexico on I-10 later in the afternoon.  It was an easy drive and good weather.  We will leave sometime soon headed to El Paso, Texas and on into Midland or Odessa for the night.

Item one.  It was a great time in Arizona.  I never would have thought I would like the desert as much as we did.  After years of mountains, trees and green the contrast was dramatic but it really grew on us.  We took daily walks out into the desert, among the huge Saguaro cactus (pronounced swaro) and the many other smaller cactus.  Over the months we have been gone we have learned to really enjoy bird watching and are actually getting pretty good at identification.  There has been a lot of rain in Arizona, this year, so the place is very green (in it’s own way) and just as we were leaving the wild flowers were beginning to come out.  All in all the desert was great.

Item two.  We really enjoyed our time with the people we met here in Arizona.  The park we stayed in had a lot of good people and we enjoyed that interaction more than we have before.  One man was an excellent guitar player and another a really fine classical piano player.  So we enjoyed their music.

What brought us to AZ was to try and be an encouragement to three families that have a relationship with Trinity.  Spending time with Destry and Terri, Clay and Amy and Chuck and Nancy was the highlight of our time here.  They are really great people, all doing what they have been called to do in building Kingdom right where they are.  All of them are different and are approaching what they are doing in different ways, so it was fun to make our weekly trips to help them with their fledgling ministries.  We will be back.  A part of us is now invested here and we love seeing what the Father does with what we are able and willing to invest.

Item three.  We are on our way back to Sayre, though we will not be there until the 28th.  The warranty on our trailer expires shortly and there are a number of things that need fixing so we are on our way to Chanute, Kansas to the factory for service.  Yes there are dealers who could do the work but they don’t seem interested nor timely in their approach so we will just take it to the factory where we have had such good treatment in the past.  We are scheduled there on the 26th.  We are looking forward to seeing all the great people there and getting back into the “flow” there.

Item four. Our son Brad is leading a mission trip to Mexico this week.  He has over 100 students and staff with him so it is a big project.  Please pray for them and especially for Brad’s health.  This is his first trip out of the country with diabetes and getting sick is not fun when you have diabetes.  Also pray for his leadership and for safety and good results building houses.  There is a little info here.

Our daughter, Traci has some more posts and pictures about her family and the ongoing assimilation of Eyob into their life.  They are entertaining reading.  Find them here.

Item five.  Here is Henri Nouwen for today: To be able to enjoy fully the many good things the world has to offer, we must be detached from them. To be detached does not mean to be indifferent or uninterested. It means to be nonpossessive. Life is a gift to be grateful for and not a property to cling to. A nonpossessive life is a free life. But such freedom is only possible when we have a deep sense of belonging. To whom then do we belong? We belong to God, and the God to whom we belong has sent us into the world to proclaim in his Name that all of creation is created in and by love and calls us to gratitude and joy. That is what the “detached” life is all about. It is a life in which we are free to offer praise and thanksgiving.


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