December 22, 2007 at 11:56 pm 1 comment

Fountain Hills, Arizona

I am writing this Christmas Sunday post, Saturday night, late.  We are leaving early in the morning, driving north to Utah, to be with our children and grandchildren, for Christmas.  We hope to spend some time at the Grand Canyon tomorrow and perhaps see some of the other sights along the way.  We could drive it in one long day but we are taking at least two.  The weather is always interesting this time of the year so we want to have time for the unforseen. 

I find myself getting into the Gospel of John in fresh ways, this Christmas season, as I read it in the paraphrased Scriptures called the Message.  Here is John 1:14:  The Word (Jesus) became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.  I like that moved into the neighborhood phrase a lot.  I have been sitting here thinking about what it would be like for Jesus to move into this RV park where we have our 5th wheel parked.  What space would He be in?  What kind of RV would He be living in?  Would I even recognize Him?  Most of the people here are older then me, would He be too?

I was wondering if I knew He had moved into the park somewhere, but I didn’t know where, would I treat everyone better just to be sure I was nice to Him?  As I write this there is a motor home parking behind us somewhere and I am thinking I should go out and help him get hooked up, since it is dark and cold and late.  Besides what if it was Jesus, moving in?

Truth is, God is present in every person we come in contact with, whether they believe like us, look like us or act like us.  The early church believers felt privileged to live in a world where they were the minority because they believed that it was through interactions with those outside the faith that they learned more about the Father.

I am thinking Jesus may already have moved in to our neighborhoods.  Maybe we will find Him in the lonely senior adult who has no family this Christmas.  Is He here in the frazzled single parent trying to balance child care, work, and the unending chore of keeping a home while making Christmas special for their children?  Could He be present in the homeless person who sits with his cardboard sign hoping we will look at him when we are at his intersection?  I suspect He is with us in the angry teen age boy with his pants around his knees and his skateboard under his arm. 

If Jesus is with us at all during this season, that was intended to celebrate His birth, then I am thinking we will find Him in the “least of these…,”  long before we find Him in the pageantry of our church services this Christmas Sunday.

There are only a couple of days until many of us will be sitting with our family and/or friends opening gifts, singing carols and eating festive food.  Can we spare a little time to look and listen for the presence of the Savior in our neighborhoods and respond in ways that welcome Him?

Think I will go see who it is that has moved into my little RV neighborhood.  Maybe he could use a little help-you never know.


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Fortunate Son. Our child-of-God selves…

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  • 1. amanda  |  December 23, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    how apropos. i hope you and the whole family have a blessed and merry Christmas.

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