Monday morning meanderings. Vol.24

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Fountain Hills, Arizona

Spent the last two days driving from Sayre to Arizona so I am a day late on the Monday morning meanderings, again

Item one. We left Sayre after church and drove a little west of Albuquerque and spent the night in a casino parking lot. It was really cold but the heater got the trailer up to sleeping temperature fairly quickly and we had a good night of sleep.  We made good time pulling the big 5th wheel and arrived in this little city east of Phoenix and north of Mesa.  We will be here just a few days and then will leave the trailer here and travel to Utah for Christmas.  All 10 of us will be in Traci and Brandon’s house and it will be great fun to see all four of the little boys together for the first time.  Throw in Jake the dog and it could really be a rodeo!  Traci and Brandon just had their basement finished so there will be plenty of room.  As Brad says, “good times”.

Item two.  We had a simple “graduation” service on Sunday at Trinity celebrating the accomplishments of our Convergence students.  We had some nice completion certificates printed up for each class finished and handed them out during the services.  We were really proud of the 23 students who finished at least one class.  Most of them finished all four.  For some it was a huge accomplishment because, in at least a couple of cases they had not read a book or finished high school.  These are not just students, they work full time jobs and are husbands, wives, moms, dads, grandparents and all are actively involved in ministry.  We have 8 classes scheduled for the winter months.  No one knew what to expect related to participation in the school but it has clearly exceeded any expectations I brought to it.  We are working on plans to have a 3 month residential school this fall.  Please pray with us as you are reminded.

Item three. As I have mentioned before Trinity Fellowship is not just a church in Sayre, Oklahoma but an association of ministries and churches in several states.  There are two young couples out here in Arizona who have a relationship with Pastor Andy and some of the other folks at Trinity who are leading fledgling groups in the mountains northeast of Phoenix.  Little places like Tonto Basin and Young and Payson a little bigger city but all without any Kingdom work, that we know of.  Linda and I were sent here by Trinity to spend time with these couples to listen, teach, learn, encourage and strategize ways to do Kingdom ministry.  Whatever else we do while we are here we are excited to have an opportunity to invest what we have been given into and with these young couples.  Yes we are here to enjoy the sun and the warmth of the desert but I can’t think of anything better we could do with some of our time than to pour into these young men and women and to learn from them.  When I think of the relationships the Father has given us over these last two years I am humbled by His capacity to not only forgive and restore but to bless us with these great opportunities to build into these young leaders in Western Oklahoma and Arizona.  Who, but the sovereign Father, could write this script?

Item four.  For an update on our newest grandson Eyob Mark and his assimilation into Traci and Brandon’s family please go to her blog here for the latest.  I am so proud of our children.  Reality seldom meets our expectations and Traci has been dreaming and planning for bringing home an adopted baby since she was a little girl and with all those years of expectations, reality was a hard pill to swallow but swallow she has and the Father is blessing their choice to press on through some really hard days.  What blesses me is to know that this young couple is part of a large and growing larger group of younger people who are choosing to do hard things for Kingdom reasons and resisting the choice to live just for themselves.

Item five.  Here is a feel good story from Sports Illustrated about injured football player Kevin Everett.  See it here.

Item six. For those of you who hope your church never changes and want to keep doing church the way you like it, whether or not the coming generation likes it, you need to read this brief posting from a pastor who gets what church really has to be about.  Most of the links I put in this blog are never followed, but if you did you might learn some things and maybe even hear the Father’s heart from a place you never would have found by yourself.  So, if you are now feeling sufficiently guilty, follow this link, it is right here.

Item seven. If I were a betting man I would put my money on a Huckabee/Obama presidential race this fall.  I am moving more to Huck for my choice but am still listening and reading.  Ran across this fair piece on Mr. Obama that seems worth a read.  Find it here.

Well we are off to find a post office and mail some Christmas blessings and check out the valley of the Sun.  Have a wonderful week and hopefully I will be posting a little more this week, so drop by.


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