Monday morning meanderings. Vol.20

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Another beautiful sunny day in Western Oklahoma, otherwise known as Paradise.  I have been asked to head up the Western Oklahoma tourism commission to market it as an alternative to Hawaii.  I am praying about it.  Seriously, the natives have not seen such great weather this late and expect it will end soon.  They have been saying that for a month.  High-78, low-47 for today.

Item one.  Over the weekend my little blog passed the 50,000 view mark (this number includes hits + number of clicks/views in the site after hitting the site) Within just a few days we will have been on line for 10 months.  When it rolled over 50K it was like watching the odometer roll over 50K on your truck or car. These milestones are meaningless apart from the fact they represent people.  To have 5K views of what I write in a month is pretty neat. I just feel blessed to have this outlet.  What is fun are the ones from other countries.  So far there have been visits from over 40 countries, just the last hour brought in one from Nigeria and another from Argentina.  I know they don’t come to read my stuff, they are drawn in by tags.  You can see tags at the bottom of every post.  Words like Christianity, culture, travel, faith, Jesus, The Father are attached to the post and then get picked up in tag searches which drive people to the site.  When I started I hoped my family and a few friends would read and I hope they still are but to have had the opportunity to write into this many people’s lives is a blessing for me.  Thanks for reading.

Item two. Yesterday, Linda and I drove 150 miles northwest and into Texas to visit a church that is leaving their denomination because it no longer is concerned nor following some key Biblical issues.  They were having a serious meeting of their church council (elders, deacons and ministry leaders) to vote on rescinding their membership.  This is no easy task.  They have been a church almost as long as Oklahoma has been a state and many older families in the church are more tied to the past then they are to the present, or future.  They don’t care about the denomination so much as they care about the history of the church.  On the other side are younger families who cannot abide a denominational hierarchy that denies the inerrancy of Scripture, ordains homosexuals and denies the deity of Christ, among other issues.  So the sides were drawn, a denominational executive was in the house and after much discussion the vote was taken, 18-2, I think it was to withdraw membership.  At this point the executive got to his feet and began to berate the pastor, so the leadership got up, got their pastor and exited the room.  What was funny, but sad, was even as the room was empty the executive kept on talking. While what was done in that room yesterday was hard for all concerned, its effect will be greater on those who come behind then on those who led the exit.  I applaud their determination to follow the Bible and to do the hard thing.  I applaud the sensitive and caring way they did what they had to do.

Proverbs says Wise people leave and inheritance to their children’s children.We were privileged to watch that happen yesterday.

Item three.  Might want to ease up on eating yams unless you are hoping to conceive twins.  Check out this phenomenon here.

Item four.   Check out this cartoon and others from The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus.  Click here to see cartoon #247.  Click here for blog and more cartoons of a thinking nature. (HT to Justin.)

Item five.  More on the greening of evangelicals (here).  I for one think we should take care of the environment in case the dispensationalists are wrong about the impending rapture.  I am good with the rapture being at any moment but shouldn’t we take better care of our house in case it isn’t quite as preeminent as we might hope or think?

Item six.  I have said several times on this site, that not only do many Christians hate the sin, they also hate or are at least perceived to hate the sinner too.  This is especially true as it relates to the gay/lesbian.  Andy asked me to look at George Barna’s new book unChristian. Here are a few quotes that caught my attention on subject of the churches perceived judgementalism:

Christians talk about hating sin and loving sinners, but the way they go about things, they might as well call it what it is. They hate the sin and the sinner” – from Jeff in unChristian .

“To be judgmental is to point out something that is wrong in someone else’s life, making the person feel put down, excluded, and marginalized” (182).

9 of 10 young outsiders think this way of Christians. “When you introduce yourself to a twenty-something neighbor, and you mention your faith, chances are he or she will think of you as judgemental” (183). 53% of young Christians agree with them).

1 of 5 outsiders see the church as a loving environment. Fewer than half of churchgoers think the church is loving. 75% of pastors think their church is loving.

I don’t think the church exists for the young but I do know the church won’t and doesn’t exist as the Family of God without the young.

Item last. Prayer for the week, the day, the moment.  Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, right here on this earth, in the same way it is being done in heaven!

Thanks for meandering with me one more week.  I hope you have a great week.


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