The Father isn’t worried.

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I came across this Anne Lamont quote while doing some reading this morning: You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image, when it turns out God hates all the same people you do.

Why it is that some of us often think of God as angry, perfectionistic, mean, spiteful etc?  The answer, I think at least for me, is we are afraid to believe in a God that is kind, forgiving, loving, merciful and gracious.  You know, if it is too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. 

Most of us have a small piece of the angry God that we’ve struggled to let go of, the picture of God we imagine when we are feeling ashamed or unworthy, the disapproving father, the harsh taskmaster, the unsatisfied perfectionist.  We just can’t seem to believe that when we fail, the Piper doesn’t have to be paid by us, and we can’t believe we don’t have to worry about anyone else getting away with whatever it is they did and creating some big mess that God can’t handle.  

What if God is completely confident in the power of love to transform a heart without threats and intimidation? Of course, living that way would require faith in the transforming power of God’s love instead of trusting in control.  I don’t think the Father is wringing His hands over our failure and worrying that if He lets us “get away with it” we will think we pulled a fast one and rip off a few more sins just because we can.

The Father knows His love for us is deep enough and amazing enough to transform us in ways condemnation, fear, anger and all the rest could never do.  I don’t think we have come close to imagining or expressing the depths of God’s love, let alone revelling in it.

More Anne Lamont: Some people have been too starving, attacked, hated, or full of hate to experience God’s love. Sometimes I think God loves the ones who most desperately ache and are most desperately lost-his or her wildest, most messed-up children-the way you’d ache and love a screwed-up rebel daughter in juvenile hall. A 5-year-old girl or her mother in the mountains of Afghanistan, a junkie in L.A., Mother Teresa, you, me, children in Gaza-God created us all and loves us and brings us home, into what may be the first shalom we have ever had the chance to experience.

I am learning, ever so slowly, that the Father not only loves me, while I am yet a sinner, He also loves people I find it hard to love and just as His beautiful love found and freed me, It will do the same for everyone else too, in a way anger and retribution never will. 

The Father isn’t worried, He knows His love is powerful.

(For more on Anne Lamont look here)


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