Blowin’ in the Wind.

October 31, 2007 at 11:22 am 3 comments

Bob Dylan first recorded the song “Blowin in the Wind” in 1963 on an album called “Freewheelin’ with Bob Dylan”.  He included it on at least 5 other albums including the 2000 release “The Essential Bob Dylan” that I am listening to right now.  It is #14 on Rolling Stone Magazines list of the Greatest Songs of all Time (1999).

Two things made me think about this song, this morning.  The first and most obvious is that the wind is blowin’ like crazy here in Oklahoma and if it ain’ tied down, at this point it is in Kansas.  I brag about the weather here all the time so I need to also ‘fess up to when it isn’t that great-like right now.  The wind really does “come sweeping down the plain.”  But the sun is shining…

The second thing that made me think about Bob Dylan and Blowin’ in the Wind was something that happened in our Convergence class this morning.  Part of our teaching commitment is to put the ideas, concepts, “teachings” on the table and let the students interact with them as opposed to lecturing.  The risk to this methodology is that there will be a “pooling of our ignorance” in the class rather than learning what was on the agenda for that day. But the risk is worth it because in these kinds of settings the Spirit is free to blow.

 The Bible says that the Spirit, like the wind, blows where it chooses and so no matter where you want a conversation or teaching to go, the Spirit is going to blow it a direction you might not have expected or planned, for His purpose.  For someone who spent most of his adult life teaching in a setting where there was very limited or no feedback or conversation, this type of interaction is really enjoyable.  But more important than that, there are so many Spirit directed understandings we would miss, if we never involved the students in the process of hearing from, and speaking out, what they are hearing as the Spirit speaks to them.

Linda was leading the class this morning, and she is really good at inviting participation and allowing students to share what they are hearing, and so twice this morning we heard things from the Father, through our students, who were sensitive to the Spirit as He blew through our class.

One Word was spoken from a woman who had studied the word “curse” in the Bible and learned that one meaning of cursing was to “devalue” the uniqueness of the individual and as she received it, the way to bless another person and thus remove the curse, was to speak their value to them. This was such a good Word from the Word.  But what was special was when she finished speaking she was embarrassed and began to devalue her Word and herself and as a class we were able to break that curse off of her by doing for her what she had just taught us from what the Spirit had taught her.

The point here is not so much what she heard or to evaluate her Word, but to say the answers to life are Blowin’ in the Wind, the Wind of the Spirit and if we will listen and invite people to share what they are hearing from the Father through His Spirit it can be life changing.

The wind is blowing out here in Oklahoma and it does get old, but the Wind is also blowing out here and it never gets old.


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  • 1. Royal  |  October 31, 2007 at 9:32 pm

    The fact that Linda is a great teacher is not a surprise, she was given that gift and through many years and lessons taught and learned, she has probably come as close as you can to perfecting her trade. I say ‘close’ because I believe you can always learn something more about what it is you do. I want to thank you and Linda for sharing your ‘blow in the wind’ teaching experience, I needed a fresh way to look at some tough subjects. I am sure my lab techs will appreciate it as well.

  • 2. Ron  |  October 31, 2007 at 9:22 pm

    Sounds like you and Linda are in a good place, that made me very happy tonight. Love the wind analogy. One o my favorites is when Elijah was to listen to the faint breeze. I could almost feel the Spirit moving while I read your blog.


  • 3. Doug  |  October 31, 2007 at 12:33 pm

    Greg and Linda,
    I like the verses in Acts that talk about how the
    disciples spent hours making outlines and notes for
    the message they were going to preach the following
    Sunday. (not) Of course there is no such verse. I
    believe the Spirit is active enough to inspire entire
    messages without notes. I’ve in the past made the
    notes, got to the point of delivery and headed off on
    entirely a different message that the Spirit provided
    and had no bearing on the outline in hand. Just as the
    Spirit moved in the student, so He can move even a
    real pastor. The wind that blows often brings fresh
    air with it. Lets listen to what the message in the
    wind is. Thanks Greg and Linda for your open forum and
    open hearts.
    Doug W.

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