Monday morning meanderings. Vol.17

October 22, 2007 at 9:15 am Leave a comment

Thought I would lead off this 17th edition of the Monday morning meanderings with a little humor.  But I am not going to just hand it to you, you’ll have to work a little to get your morning laugh.

Item one. When I was a pastor I had a few strange messages left on my answering machine but none this hilarious.  After I listened to it I was thankful I no longer have an answering machine.  Find it here, do it, it’s funny.  I mean it.  Right here.

Item two. I agree I have way too much time on my hands, but I just can’t help myself when I see stuff like this.  I have trouble deciding if the people who do this kind of rapture watching  are serious or if it is a joke I just don’t get.  But check this out.  Someone has spent the time, for years to assign a numeric value to various world events in order to show how close we are to the Rapture.  I think they are serious.  See it here.  I never have been very good at end times speculation or study.  I may be the only American Christian who left behind the entire Left Behind series.  There is so little real Biblical evidence for when Jesus might return that to spend much time thinking about it or investigating when it will happen really bores me, not to mention a direct command to not speculate or frankly give it much thought.  How can it be a good thing for the church to pray for more bad stuff to happen so Jesus can come back?  I want to spend my time being part of making it better so more people can get saved before whatever happens, happens.   I am much more interested in fulfilling my destiny and encouraging your destiny, right now and I am content to let the Father decide when it’s time.

Item three.  We had our first weekend class of our brand new Convergence School of Ministry.  Linda and I have been given the opportunity to build the foundation and structure of this new ministry training program and to provide vision and leadership for its genesis.  So, yesterday was an important day.  We had 10 students spend all day with Pastor Andy in a study of the values that mark any authentic work of God.  We will build much of what we do in the school on this teaching.  I spent the day video taping the sessions so we can use this foundational material in other churches and ministries affiliated with Trinity as well as classes for new students, without Andy having to be there. We will also have it available on our website in the near future.

We will have the third sessions of our weekly classes this week and begin a couple of new ones the first of November, so we are well underway. We have 20 students enrolled in the program so that is pretty exciting.  I sure didn’t know how many to expect, starting something like this, but I believe we will have double that number by the time classes finish in May.

Item four.  My brother Mike and sister-in-law Vicky arrived in Sayre last night on their way to San Antonio for a wedding. They are our first visitors and we are really excited to have them here. It was snowing in Colorado when they left Sunday morning and they brought that storm front with them here.  It is raining and very windy and as cold as it has been since we have been here.  No doubt we will enjoy showing them the sites of Western Oklahoma!

Item five.  Prayer for the week.  Almighty and everlasting God, in Christ you have revealed your glory among the nations: Preserve the works of your mercy, that your church throughout the world may persevere with steadfast faith in the confession of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.  More like this here.

Item six. World Series: Colorado Rockies vs Boston Red Sox.  I was sure this was the year both my picks made it to the big series, but Cleveland choked big time.  They had it won and then through some poor early pitching, bad calls, poor coaching decisions and lousy defense they let it slip away. Now the question is “will the series be over before Thanksgiving?  Go Rockies.

Enjoy your Monday!


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