Monday (Tuesday edition) morning meanderings. Vol.16

October 16, 2007 at 8:10 am 1 comment

It is 10:20 Monday evening and we just got home from Texas, concluding a whirlwind weekend.  We just got back to Trinity and I know I have a meeting in the morning so will do a little of this tonight and finish sometime tomorrow.  I know some of you decide what day it is by these minute meanderings so I assure you it is Tuesday.

Item one.  I have recounted our cell phone travails here more than once and we are more than happy with our new phones but the data card just didn’t get the job done.  So Friday we drove south of Sayre to the town of Altus, OK where there was a Alltel dealer where we could return the card.  We left there and arrived in time for a 13th birthday barbeque for Lacey Custer, the daughter of our friends Cody and Stacey Custer.  It has been a long time since we have been at a teenagers party but it was fun and kicked off a really busy weekend.

Item two.  No one, but my father and brother and I, probably care that the Colorado Rockies swept their way into the the World Series.  The first team ever to sweep both the Division Series and the Championship series. The Cleveland Indians are up 2-1 so my picks are still holding for the World Series.  I really enjoy baseball and for once my picks are both still alive.

Item three.  I have mentioned before that Trinity has a number of chuches and ministries in relationship with them and so on a regular basis people from these churches and ministries, as  well as some who are interested in finding out about the Fellowship, come by for visits.  Some stay a week or two and some only a few days.  A pastor and a father and son from a church in Young, Arizona drove 12 hours straight through to spend Friday afternoon-Sunday afternoon visiting.  They stayed in a house on the property and when we got back from the birthday party I went over to the house to visit with them for a few minutes.  Then Saturday, Pastor Andy and I met with them for several hours, answering questions and giving them a peak at what makes this place and this Fellowship so unique.  Since they were from a Baptist church (Babdist here) I was able to share our story of the Father leading us here out of a long Baptist history.  It was really fun and I would supect we will have more contact with them in the months ahead. 

Item four. After a tour of the new building and lunch in Elk City with these men, Linda and I junped in the truck for a 2 hour drive to the town of Canadian, Texas (check it our here)  for a high school rodeo and a Forever Cowboys program, some of the men and women from Trinity were putting on to try and reach these young high school rodeoers (is that a word) for the Kingdom.  We went to support Pastor Daryle and Carrie as well as Charlie and Cody who were speaking.  Brooks and some of the band from Trinity did some worship too.  It was really fun and we were able to see more of this very interesting and historic country.  By the time we arrived back in Sayre it was about 1am.  Long but good day.

Item five. Prayer for the week.  Lord, I pray that your grace may always precede and follow me, that I may continually be given to good works; through Jesus Christ my Lord, who live and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

What a joy it is to know that the Grace of our Lord Jesus and the unrelenting love of the Father precedes and follows us through the day, giving us the desire and the strength to offer that grace and blessing to others.  Might not be a prayer you are used to praying but a good one none-the-less.  Amen?

Item six.  We had great services on Sunday.  Andy is teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and I really enjoy his sense of what it is and the purpose of it so we learned a lot, had the privilege to share the ministry of Convergence (see last weeks meanderings) and to pray for a sick little boy and others. 

After church we had a great lunch with Pastor Buddy and Lynnie and then came back to work on a handout for a couple of talks I would be doing at Allen Bach’s Mentorship Roping Camp in Mission Wells, Texas, just east of Dallas.  For many of my readers Allen Bach is an unknown, but I assure you, anyone familiar with rodeo and especially roping knows him and his reputation.  I am guessing he is over 50 and is the reigning world champion but he has also made the NFR finals multiple years in a row, winning at least 4 times.  But more than all of that he is a committed follower of Jesus and is using his significant influence to pour into young men for a month in this mentorship program.  Our friend, Charlie Kingsbury, himself a former professional roper, invited us down to spend a few hours teaching these young men on the authority and singular value of the Word of God.  Charlie and his family moved from Colorado to be part of Trinity and Convergence and so when he asked us to come I was really excited to be part of it.  It is really strange to be involved in something like this, since I have no real rodeo knowledge and certainly no experience and so I was sharing teaching assignments with some of the greatest PRCA ropers in the world. Yesterday  Stran Smith was there along with Patrick Smith  and they are two of the biggest names in the sport.  I felt a little, well actually a lot, out of place in that crowd but I just asked the Spirit to speak through me and once we got into the teaching time, they all made me feel welcome and respected and it was really a great time. 

When the Father decided to expand our borders, who would have thought it would be something so far out of my experience and comfort but until we are put into a place of total reliance on the Father and a willingness to risk big for Him, we seldom see what He wants to do in and through us.  The Spirit is moving in the rodeo world in unprecedented and amazing ways and is using a couple with no experience in that world to make a little difference.  Imagine, I really mean it, imagine what excitement and possibilities would be yours if you just let go of it all and invited Him to use you anywhere in anyway. 

If you have read all the way to here-bless you.  Thanks for your prayers and for reading the Juniper Tree.


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Now that’s a whipping. Is there a connection?

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  • 1. thepostgame  |  October 16, 2007 at 9:13 am

    Hi, I live on the East Coast but I’ve strangely found myself rooting for the Rockies since my Braves didn’t make the postseason. And, of course, I gotta root for the NL over the AL. Congrats guys, and good luck.

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