Must we make the Gospel relevant?

October 11, 2007 at 2:35 pm 4 comments

There is always lots of talk about making the Gospel of the Kingdom relevant. Blog after blog after blog, blog, after bla, bla, bla.  I am all for relevance and for doing whatever we can to help people get what the Kingdom Gospel is about but can we really improve on the relevance of the what the Kingdom makes relevant?


  • I have some anxiety now and then.  What about that “be anxious for nothing stuff?”
  • And then all that talk about what life really is about, the whole treasure thing, what we should or shouldn’t do with our resources. 
  • How about the whole “who our neighbor really is and how to care about him, once we know who he is” idea?
  • Jesus had a little to say about what is most important in life.  Would it be helpful to know that?
  • How about the relevance of our true nature, or what the purpose of a conscience is.
  • Where is our citizenship really and stuff about politics and how to treat people.  Anything relevant about that?
  • Injustice, poverty, marginal people?  How relevant is what the Gospel says about my responsibilites there?
  • The Kingdom Gospel helps me know my value and the point of my life.
  • Is there anything relevant about how to put up with obnoxious people or how I should talk about people when they are not around?
  • As a man is there relevance to a Kingdom view of women in order to enhance my relationships with half the population? 
  • How about how to get my sexual thoughts under control before they control me?  That is kind of relevant, isn’t it?

How relevant is it how I spend my time, how we raise our children, what words come out of my mouth, judging others and how I avoid doing it.  When to be nice and when not to be, who I should avoid and who I should connect with.  How I respond to suffering and how I find contentment.  Why I should be productive with my life and when it is time to cry or to laugh.  What is my role in caring about the environment and about art and music and recreation.  What is in store for this planet and what our future is and why we all should party a lot more than we do. 

All of that and much more is the Gospel of the Kingdom and it is terribly relevant.  The Gospel of the Kingdom is the good news about the rule of God in our lives.  The wonderful news of how to come into alignment with the Father so as to live the way we were created to live.  

It isn’t complex and it doesn’t require a strategic plan, a full blown program, or scheming ways to plug people in.   The Father has made it pretty simple, and relevant.


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Convergence. Now that’s a whipping.

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  • 1. hkevinderr  |  October 11, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    In our attempt to be relevant, it seems that we miss the point. So much of our time is focused on salvation only. Get them saved, but then do nothing to disciple them, we leave them as spiritual infants and then we ponder what is wrong, why there is so little difference between the world and the church. The issue is not being relevant but rather bing spiritually mature.

  • 2. pastorgreg  |  October 11, 2007 at 5:45 pm

    I’m wondering, is it that we need to improve on the relevance of the gospel, or is it that we must convey in thought, word and deed the wisdom of the questions you pose as they are addressed and answered in the kingdom gospel?
    In his service,
    Pastor Greg

  • 3. sumijoti  |  October 11, 2007 at 5:01 pm


  • 4. eyesandwings  |  October 11, 2007 at 2:39 pm

    i agree. we (as the church) have talken “relevance” to mean dumbing down the gospel, making it user-friendly and non-challenging. we have made “relevance” mean cool light shows with outstanding music.

    relevance is simply making sure people are connecting their lives with Jesus. and what you advised is a perfect way to do that. let’s start asking those kind of questions. 🙂

    good job!

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