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Some have asked what we are doing in Oklahoma so I will attempt an answer.  First of all we continue to live in our fifth wheel here on the property of Trinity Fellowship.  We are in the middle of about 100 acres of green mowed grass, trees and a few rolling hills.  It is beautiful and we enjoy it very much.  We have all the required hook ups including 50 amp service.  We have no plans to move out of the coach (the cool word for trailer) anytime soon. 

Our day to day activities are to get up, take Jake and ourselves for a good long walk around the property, which is pretty nice to be able to walk a good distance and never leave the grounds.  Then we go next door to the church where we are both involved in the day to day ministry and life of Trinity.  Linda is learning a new church management software program so Trinity can initiate some really good communication avenues into their Family.  Linda is really good at reading directions, following them and learning the ins and outs of intricate things. So when she is done she will know how to use this program to its fullest potential.

I am privileged to sit in on many of the pastoral meetings that take place here.  Andy spends a lot of his time with people from all over and of course the family here, visiting, counselling, vision casting, motivating, praying, speaking prophetically and encouraging everyone else in the room to do the same.  Needless to say, I am learning a lot, but more than that I am getting blessed over and over again every day.

Linda and I were given the opportunity to be involved in the launch of a new ministry school that has been in the heart of this Family for some time.  So we have spent quite a bit of our time asking questions, thinking curriculum, planning for teachers, talking strategy and hearing the vision for this unique training venue.  We have been given tons of freedom to build the foundation but we are really wanting to make sure what is born is born of the vision the Father has for training the many who have called Western Oklahoma home for years and those, like us who have come to be part of what the Father is doing here.

So after weeks of conversation, prayer and listening to the Father and to those who have had the vision birthed in their hearts, we launched the school this morning.  Linda and I led the first class which is part of the Reading Significant Books (RSB) portion of the curriculum.  We will have several of these kinds of courses so that those who do not read as well as others and those who are not as informed as some others can be part of the interaction, exploration and integration that comes from reading and discussing a significant book.  Pastor Andy will teach a lunch time course beginning tomorrow and then he will do a Saturday class all day on October 20th.  These are the beginnings of the school and each month we will add new classes in new venues.  There is much work to be done but it is fun and since we don’t know what we are doing we are forced into dependence on the Father to show us the way.  Good place to be.

The name chosen for the school is Convergence: Training Kingdom Revolutionaries.  This is not a Bible School or seminary but a place to learn Bible and practical ministry tools in the context of a Family in order to do out of the box ministry in ways that will build the Kingdom into this culture.  It is a unique approach and a build as you go agenda.  There are over 100 people here in the area who came to be part of this family and to try and catch what is happening here.  We are simply adding some more intensive teaching and interaction to supplement what they catching by serving and being part of this Family. 

I get to do a little preaching which is fun and without the weekly grind of it I will enjoy it more.  There are several other churches that are part of this fellowship and I suspect I will have opportunity to minister in those Families as well.  One of the young men, who moved his family here from Colorado, was a top tier rodeo professional and he along with another pro rodeo man are running a school for young men in their sport that includes Bible teaching and character building along with teaching these young men to be world class ropers.  Linda and I will be going down there next week to do a little teaching.  Then there is a high school rodeo over in Canadian, Texas on Saturday that we are going to attend.  After the rodeo some of the folks from here are putting on a program for these high-school athletes, where some top-flight pro rodeo guys will be speaking and one of the guys from here will do some music.  Talk about another world, but it is great fun and we are taking it all in.

Well, those of you who wanted to know what we are up to, probably got more than you wanted and those who never asked well, it is my blog!  Thanks for reading and thanks for your prayers.

Life here in Western Oklahoma is a convergence.  People like us, from all over, with varied backgrounds both culturally and Spiritually have come together to be part of this Family for a season or for a lifetime.  We are blessed to follow the Father into this grace.


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  • 1. Maggie  |  October 10, 2007 at 3:51 pm

    Wish we could be there with you. It sounds exciting that our Father is leading all of this. What an awesome calling.

    Love and miss you both sooooooooooo much!!

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