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Okeechobee, West Palm Beach, Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta.

That was my yesterday.  The weather in Atlanta was so bad this huge airport was shut down for 2 hours.  The Atlanta airport is in the top 10 busiest airports in the world and when it shuts down it gets ugly.  So we left West Palm late, got diverted to Birmingham for fuel (btw Carol D, I listended to Bruce Cockburn sing Birmingham Shadows while on the ground, cool) and then into Atlanta where we missed our connection to Oak City.  So we all went to a hotel, slept until 10 and then had one of the neatest breakfast table discussions about ministry and theology and expressions of the Spirit and the life of Jesus you could ever want.  Now I remember why we left our home and country for a country we did not know.

 Go Dawgs!  My two sons will be at the game together.  Brad and Kasey have a blast together with Donnie and Katy.


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Kingdom. Monday morning meanderings. Vol.12

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