Blown Away.

September 4, 2007 at 9:11 am 5 comments

Chanute, Kansas (Student Center of Neosho County Community College/free WiFi)

After about 700 miles and an elevation drop of more than 5000′ we arrived last night in Chanute (info here), Kansas to have some service work done on our Fifth wheel that was manufactured in Chanute (NuWa info here)

3 months a go or so, I wrote a piece about the tornado that literally blew away the Kansas town of Greensburg.  You can read that piece here, if you are interested in the before.

Yesterday as we drove through mile after mile of Kansas farm land, I realized we were going to pass right through the town of Greensburg, the very town I wrote about. 

Greensburg, Kansas sign (click to enlarge)

Four months ago today, a tornado of historic proportions blew the town away.  Read about the town and the destruction here.  My pictures do not do the damage and loss justice but here are a couple I took yesterday. 

pool1.jpg  hospital-2.jpg  (click to enlarge)

What must it be like for a whole town to just be blown away?  Can you imagine?  We just had a conversation over breakfast with a couple from Missouri, who are here to have service work done on their trailer, who woke up at 1:30 in the morning to a tornado blowing their entire home and business totally away.  It was March and tornado’s don’t blow in March.  They are still putting pieces back together.  Everything gone, blown away.

As we drove away (by the way tourists just blow past the town like it wasn’t there, never thinking about what happened to these people’s lives) I started thinking about the ways life sometimes gets blown away.  Like losing a child, losing a marriage, the death of a spouse (I met a man in Idaho whose wife died 2+years ago and he continues to struggle to find his life again), children who continually disappoint, a bad diagnosis, job loss, disappointments of all kinds, depression and the list of ways to be blown away goes on and on.

We have certainly experienced high winds over the years and we will have more.  Most of us have.  The choices are really simple during times of high wind.  Trust God and wait it out.  Believe that good can come from bad, that God’s love is consistent and He is faithful, even when the consequences of the wind are all around. 

For me, I must have constant reminders that I am not alone or that I am not the only one who has high winds in his life.  Stuff happens, God is faithful.  Why He doesn’t fix everything and make everything easy, I guess is a question we can ask another time.  Bad things do happen to us, some we cause ourselves, some we had no part in causing but the wind still blows.

When the wind is howling I think of the disciples, who were freaked by a high wind blowing them around, while they were out in a boat.  Jesus was sound asleep.  They wake Him up and He simply says, Peace.  Winds be still.  I believe He still quiets winds in our hearts and minds.  Trust is everything and for me trust comes when I realize that my stuff is not important, security is not my responsibility (and no one really is secure, just ask the people in Greensburg) and strong winds are just part of life.  With the grace of the Father and the help of friends we will survive or if not His grace will still suffice.  That is trust and that is really all there really is.

If the wind is howling in your life, Greensburg, Kansas perspective helps. But the only answer I know is trusting the One who can bring peace in the middle of high winds.  I don’t have a lot of answers but if you need to talk to someone who knows high wind, write me.


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  • 1. Phillip  |  September 6, 2007 at 10:27 am

    Hi Greg

    On being blown away.

    At times we all find ourselves in the midst of the force of the wind, the ground shaking, or in circumstances or consequences we cannot control. After the overwhelming, as quietness sets in, as we look and listen (in humility and awe), we find we are surrounded by Him. We find He was behind us and is before us, and in His very presence. Lord God, you are pure love. You alone are holy, righteous, and pure love. You formed us in our mothers womb, and you’re tempering us to be a greater workmanship for a much higher calling. Blessed are those who respond to difficulties appropriately, that those near us who greatly need to hear of the saving grace and knowlege of our Lord Jesus, will see only Him.

  • 2. anita  |  September 4, 2007 at 10:14 pm

    ditto to everything that’s been said…I keep waiting for the calm after the storm…it’s yet to come, but I trust in God that He is faithful..

  • 3. Kaylee  |  September 4, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    I definitely feel like my whole life just blew away in a big, strong wind that came out of nowhere. It’s hard to even put my feet on the ground and start picking up the pieces. It’s hard to trust God when another storm could come and take away more. Learning to let go is by far the biggest lesson I’m learning right now. Let go of the things I want. God, you can have it all….it’s yours anyway. Such a hard thing to do, but like you have said before, that is where we find rest and peace and true freedom.

    Longing for peace in the midst of storm……

  • 4. Mike  |  September 4, 2007 at 12:14 pm

    This is very, very good for all of us to take to heart and apply.

  • 5. TraciA  |  September 4, 2007 at 11:35 am

    I always need this reminder Dad. For some reason, I am always asking, “Why, Lord?” I focus on that more than just letting go and trusting that he will calm the storm in my heart and hold my hand, in fact even carry me sometimes, through all of the hard things of life. My “problems, while big to me pale in comparison to the devestation that town has know or of the extrememe poverty and disease that plaques the country where my 3rd child is waiting. And what am I frustrated about,”Lord, why didn’t you give us the referral later so we wouldn’t have to wait so long to get him.” Poor me! My problems are so small. Thanks for the word dad.

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