Monday morning (+12 hrs.) meanderings. Vol. 7

August 13, 2007 at 7:46 pm 4 comments

 Idaho Falls, Idaho

I’m back!  In one way, not much has happened since I last posted but in another way there has been a lot going on, just not in the usual way.  Let me catch up.

Item one: After a quick post leaving Clarkston on August 3rd we headed for Idaho Hwy 12 and the Lochsa River.  Our first stop was a National Forest Campground called Wilderness Gateway.  It is a terrific campground though you have to live without hookups.  But we survived very well and realized we could get along well on our batteries and water tanks.  We really just downshifted during our time here.  We rode bikes, walked, played games (more on that later) and we enjoyed the quiet. For Linda it was the start of her vacation so she really just relaxed.

Item two:  After four days at Wilderness Gateway we moved 40 miles up river to another National Forest Campground called Powell.  Another great spot but here we upgraded to electricity.  We could have watched TV if a tree hadn’t been in the way of the satellite! But even with power we still had to use our fresh water tanks and avoid filling the waste tanks but we could make microwave popcorn!  We really didn’t need the electricity.  We were just fine without it but we enjoyed it.

Item three: Games! One of my earliest posts was about my recent willingness to join Linda in playing games.  She has always been a gamer but when she married me she had to put it on hold as I was not raised playing games and was too stuck in the mud to start.  But when we were in California last January, I decided it was time to bless her by learning to enjoy playing games and so I have.  We play pretty much 3 different game-Phase 10 (both cards and dice, we like the cards better) Farkel (a dice game, maybe you can get Brad or Kasey to give you the rules) and dominoes.  We have really gotten into dominoes the last few nights.  We really enjoy playing outside in the evening, finishing up by lantern light. 

Item three B: Art nights, afternoons, mornings. Hard to believe but we got started with water color painting while we were with the McComb family (see last weeks meanderings) and we had so much fun we broke out some paints and assorted supplies given to us by artist and friend Bruce Brezel and we spent several hours water color painting.  Yeah, I know, but it really is fun.  You camp with us we are going to paint!

Item four: Fishing.  I have fished the Lochsa several times before and found it a really fun place to fish.  Lots of Western Slope Cutthroat and usually they are more than willing to take a fly.  But the water was very warm this time and so it was not the usual good and relatively easy fishing, I was used to.  I had purchased a 5 day Idaho non-resident fishing license and I fished most of those days to rather mediocre results.  The fourth day was really bad.  Not only did I not really catch many fish, I fell down, I broke tippet, I lost flies on poorly executed back casts and generally decided I was never fishing again.  But after giving it 24 hours I had some new ideas, some better tools (bigger fly rod), and using some very small flies I was able to finish up my five day license on a good day.  I got lots of fish, including some of pretty good size for this river (18″+) and best of all remembered why I fish. It is such a beautiful river.  If you like to camp, like to fish with a fly and enjoy gin clear mountain streams (not that I know anything about gin) then try out the Lochsa.

Item five: Montana/Idaho fires.  Just east and a little north of our camp in the Idaho wilderness a fire was burning, pretty much out of control and everyday we would get up to a smokey sky.  Usually by noon or so it would blow out and we would have a nice day.  But yesterday it didn’t blow out and so we were in the smoke all day with a fair amount of ash landing on us.  Our plan was to leave Powell this morning, drive to Missoula, Montana about 6o miles away, get on I-90 to Butte and drive about 60 miles south on I-15 to the flyfishing mecca of Dillon, MT.  However the smoke just kept getting worse, fueled by at least 4 Montana fires that were burning, and so by the time we got to Dillon, fish or no fish we were not going to live with that smoke.  So here we are in Idaho Falls, ID, in a commercial campground, not nearly as welcoming as the ones we have been in for 10 days but it is nice and the Wi-Fi works great and so does the satellite.  So I am writing to you, watching the Mariners, who managed to hang on while I was out of touch, doing the laundry and just chilling in the heat.  Not where we planned to be, but, who needs plans!

Friday we plan to be in South Jordan, Uhah (that is how Sloan use to say it) with Traci, Brandon and the boys.

There should be regular posts as long as we have some kind of service, so check back again.


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Take a break. Ice is nice! Rolling thunder and an answered prayer.

4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. sumi  |  August 14, 2007 at 10:24 am

    I missed your posts. Glad you’re back. Those electricity-free evenings sound marvellous…we had some of those growing up and I loved them.

  • 2. Maggie  |  August 14, 2007 at 8:21 am

    Our prayers are with you as you journey on. Wish we were with you. We miss those times with you. We had such good times, playing games and hanging out together.

  • 3. Jenn  |  August 14, 2007 at 7:50 am

    Hey!! I know a great place to go fishing around there. If you go north to Island Park, there are some great campgrounds and lakes and such. Besides, you would only be 30 minutes from west yellowstone park. Island park is about 2 hours from Idaho Falls.
    Warren and I got married in IF 10 years ago this coming thursday. I’m getting all sentimental now!:0) Have a great time while you are there. Thanks Linda for your note!!! Give the boys loves and kisses for their Nee-Nee!!

  • 4. Rachel  |  August 14, 2007 at 7:45 am

    Finally, you’re back!!! Hallelujia! I love that you’re still painting. You and Linda need to take some pictures of your art and post them!

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