Go to the land I will show you.

July 31, 2007 at 5:20 pm 5 comments

Maryhill State Park, Goldendale, Washington.

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening with Linda’s family, first with her parents in Keizer, Oregon and then later in the afternoon with the rest of her family in Albany where Linda’s sister lives.  We celebrated Linda’s birthday, a little early, enjoyed some catching up, said our goodbyes and returned to the “fiver” about 11pm. 

We had a “take it easy” morning and then headed to Portland and I-84 for a short drive east to Maryhill State Park.  This park is right on the Columbia River across the bridge from Biggs, Oregon.  Over the hill is Goldendale, Washington, so for a couple of nights we were out of state, but we are now back in Washington for a couple of days.

I was drawn in my reading this morning to Genesis 12.  Read it and I think you will know why I was drawn there: The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”  There are 3 “leavings” in this story I want to highlight.

I mentioned  yesterday I lived in Mason County 3 times longer then I have lived anywhere else, so in many ways it was my home.  Linda is more rooted in the area where we were last night, the Willamette Valley, where her family has farmed for more then a hundred years, but I had put down my deepest roots in Mason County, Washington and yet I repeatedly have heard the Father say “leave your country…and go…”  So the first leaving is the leaving of a place.

But there is also a second leaving, the leaving of “your people”.  Not only have we left the people who are our flesh and blood, as we leave Brad and his family behind in Gig Harbor, but we are leaving our spiritual family too.  Our people, people like: Doug, Jeanee, Bill, Leslee, Harris, Jean, Mike, Maggie, Carol, Shannon, Jim, Phil, Colby, Jill, Rachel, Royal, Jordan, Mark, Marlene, Jon and Joann, Dennis, Diane and the list literally could fill up this post.  These are our people.  They are the one’s who have guarded and protected our souls, made us laugh, cried with us and more than anything, helped us to keep on believing. These and many more are our people and we are leaving them “to go to the land I will show you”.  The second leaving is a leaving of  a people.

There is one more leaving and it is the leaving of “your father’s household…”  I wasn’t sure what the Spirit was speaking into me this morning as I read this phrase.  The first two “leavings” are fairly easy to see but I wasn’t sure what He wanted me to hear with this third “leaving”

As we were driving down the Columbia Gorge I began to understand that to leave our father’s household was to leave the Church in Mason County.  For better or worse I built into the Spiritual community of Mason County for more than 18 years.  I learned to preach and pastor there, I preached the word of God at least a 1000 times into the Shelton and surrounding community, I performed over 120 weddings, buried dozens of people, some who were close and many I didn’t even know and I met with 100’s of people to talk about the Father’s will and how we might all stay better in step with the Spirit.  I had been part of the Father’s household in Mason County for more than 18 years, an integral part, in fact.

This morning I understood that the call “to leave your father’s household and to go to the land I will show you”, was a call to leave the work the Spirit had called me to, a work I was comfortable doing and a work God’s hand was on in so many powerful ways.

For months I had fought the call to leave and go.  I wanted to stay and see what was broken, healed and what was lost, recovered. But the call to leave the “Father’s household and go to a land I will show you” was a call to leave the Spiritual family in Mason County and follow the Father to a new Land.

In many ways, this third leaving is the hardest one, for some reasons that are obvious and many that are probably not understand by most of you.  The third leaving is a leaving of a parish, a community of faith in which I was a spiritual Father.

But Abraham did not leave his country, his people or his Father’s household without a promise and a blessing (read it in Genesis 12:2-3) and it is that promise and blessing I claim for myself as we go to the land He will show us. 

I believe our promise, yours and mine is the promise of a restoration greater than what was left behind and a blessing far beyond any we have ever known before. 

And so we leave to go to the land He will show us.


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  • 1. amanda  |  August 8, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    Greg and Linda,
    May God bless you and those whose lives you touch in your journey. our house will miss you terribly, know that you are loved and prayed for.

  • 2. Maggie  |  August 2, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    Greg and Linda,

    I know I will not be as sad knowing that as you journey on God is with you and ahead of you wherever you go. I will miss seeing you. I know God has a plan for you both that you cannot concieve. He is with you each step as you go. I am happy knowing I can read your blog everyday and recieve Linda’s daily meditations she sends me. I soooo enjoyed hearing you preach again Greg. Your message was a good one. I looked around the room at some of the people there and I know you reached into a lot of peoples heart and thoughts including mine.

    Mike wishes he could have been there. He feels it would have been hard to see you go. He loves you both very much. We love you both and thank you for EVERYTHING YOU SAID AND DID FOR US through our trying times. God has planned a newer place for you to be because, He needs you there. Our Father knows you are the people to do His will. He is blessing you in this journey as you do His will.

    We will be in Missouri next July so, hopefully if you have not left Oklahoma by then, we can visit you or you can visit us.

    Lots of love, blessings and joy for you as you journey to the land He will show you. In HIs name…

    M and Papa Bear

  • 3. Royal  |  August 1, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    Good luck, have fun, keep God at the front, and do some fishing. You both will be missed by the family on the lake. When you return we will wet a line again. Hopefully we will have more excitement the next time around.

  • 4. Jenn  |  August 1, 2007 at 7:37 am

    Obedience always brings freedom. I am so sad right now for me as I write this, and so happy for you. Sad that you have to move on, and elated that you are going where God has directed. There seems to be no greater joy and adrenaline rush that I have ever experienced than that moment when I realized that I must do what my Father has called me to. The freedom from things, the freedom from fear, the freedom to obey is the sweetest thing that I know. I no longer desire to live my own life, I just want what God wants. Writing this, solidifies what is truly in my heart. Thank you for sharing, and for urging me on in what my Father wants for me also. I will truly miss you and Linda and am so sad that I couldn’t say goodbye at the church services. I was at Natalie’s baby shower, she leaves in a week for Ethiopia. She is going to give your grandbaby lots of loves and kisses. I can’t wait to see pictures!!! Anyway, we love and will miss you. You’re going to be closer to my mom and dad than me!!!! Have a safe and wonderful trip, going where God leads!!!!!

  • 5. formedofclay  |  July 31, 2007 at 6:47 pm

    and you are, and will be, missed……by the way….do you remember what you were doing two years ago on this day? In case you are not as “in to” dates as I, let me remind you – baptizing a woman that took fourteen years to “let go” and thirty six to break the silence. God chose you to help her take that step.

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