Monday morning meanderings. Vol.6

July 30, 2007 at 11:12 am 3 comments

Woodburn, Oregon.

Canyon Paul turns 1!

Item one.  Canyon Paul Scandrett turns 1!   Friday was Grandson #3’s first birthday and it was celebrated in style on Saturday.  Both sets of grandparents, some cousins, assorted other family and friends enjoyed a great party put on by parents Brad and Summer.  They were great hosts and party throwers.  After the party we said our goodbyes and headed out to Mason Lake were our trailer was parked, had a little break and then went to a reception for newly weds Colby and Jill Wright, whose wedding we attended in Idaho a couple of weeks ago.  A few minutes after we returned home we were greatly surprised and pleased to see Brad and family show up.  We thought we would not see them again for a few months and were so excited to have them come out for an hour or so to say goodbye again.  The McComb girls and Jon Williams came by too so we had a trailer full of great young adults who are so precious to us and we all had fun watching Canyon.  It was a fun day.

Item two.  I had the honor of preaching twice yesterday at Rivers of Grace in Olympia in the morning and Rivers of Grace, Shelton in the evening.  I love the name and I love the church.  They have been an integral part of our life the last months because of our relationship with their pastors Dennis and Diane Teague. The Teagues are in China for a few weeks and asked me to step in for them.  The church family spoke some wonderful prophetic words over us and released us to go on our way as we follow the Spirit into new places.  They live up to their name.  It was fun to have a number of people from our past show up in both services to say hello and goodbye.  We do have some really dear friends.

Item three: After our Belfair State Park stay we parked the trailer at Bill and Leslee McComb’s home for the weekend and spent some time, in the busy weekend with them.  They are recovering in slow, but good ways from the loss of Willie 3.5 months ago, but there continues to be so much pain and loss for them. Kaylee and the boys have been with them, from Arizona the last month, and that has been good for all of them.  There are some not so bad days and some not so good days but they are doing what they can to enjoy the moment while continuing to grieve.  We had “Art Night” Friday night where the most of the McCombs, our friend Carol, Linda and I joined artist Amy Cooper for a night of water colors on the dining room table.  It was a lot of fun and Amy is really good, Leslee is not bad and the rest of us…  I commend them for doing fun things, so they can be together carrying each others pain.  We will miss this family greatly for a whole lot of reasons but one stands out-we share a similar pain.

Item four.  21 months ago, when I resigned my pastoral position, I think we both knew one day we would be leaving the place we had made a good life for more than 16 years. We just didn’t know when or where.  Last night the when part of the question was answered though the where is yet to be fully clear.  As we drove out of the place that has been my home, 3 times longer than anywhere else, it was bitter sweet as most partings are.  We leave some really great memories behind, some very wonderful friends behind but we also leave a great deal of pain behind.  Who ever said parting is such sweet sorrow was right.  We are in the Salem area to spend some time with Linda’s family and then tomorrow sometime we will head east.  We will keep you posted on where that is as we know it.  After thinking about leaving for so long it is good to be on our way.

Item five. If you haven’t already please read the post just below this one announcing the news of Traci and Brandon’s new boy and our grandson #4.  It will be great fun to watch this story unfold.  You can read all about it on Traci’s blog here.


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A new grandson is on the way. Go to the land I will show you.

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  • 1. Jordan  |  August 1, 2007 at 10:57 am

    umm greg.. you forgot one thing. I am amazing at art night… obviously you forgot.. you are getting old… 🙂

  • 2. leslee/olive/friend  |  July 30, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    i will not let you go….my heartstrings can reach into the unknown and the wherever and my heart goes with you as do my prayers, my thoughts, whatever blessings i can pray down upon you i will….we are connected by love and pain and suffering and blessing but most of all we are connected by God’s love and forgiveness and saving grace. I am honored to call you my friends, both of you are so much more than that to me….the english language just doesn’t have a word….we are joined by God, by our experiences, by grace, by suffering, by joy, by love and so much more. You are on a journey now – one prepared for you by our Abba – I am excited for all the places you’ll see, all the people who will be blessed whether they know it or not by your presence, by the love you share by word or deed and by the grace which you extend just because you stand as servants of the One True God. Shelton has lost so much with your leaving….I for one am so sad….I am diminished again, but not without hope. I will see you one day again soon. But more than that I will see both of our families rejoicing all together along with Paul and Willie, praising God and loving each other with boundless joy forever and ever when we all step past this world into eternity. Be well my friends. You have survived the cleansing fire and are shining like pure gold, precious, how precious you are. Believe and live it.

  • 3. Vicki  |  July 30, 2007 at 12:31 pm

    We were sorry we couldn’t make it Sunday night we really wanted to be there and say goodbye in person.
    We are so excited for you both to see (read) where God takes you next and how it all unfolds.
    Much love to you both and Congratulations on a new grandson on his way.

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