Lee Akin progress report.

July 25, 2007 at 10:14 am Leave a comment

  For the most updated information on Lee check this post here.

In early March Professional bull rider Lee Akin was seriously injured in a bull riding wreck.  He had a very severe head injury and spent a number of weeks in a hospital in Montgomery, Alabama until being transferred to a hospital in Oklahoma City, closer to his home.

Back on March 28th I wrote about Lee and the need for the Father to intervene on his behalf and heal him.  You can read that article here.  Since that post I have had at least one search every day and sometimes many more land on my site seeking information on Lee and his progress, so here is what I know.

Lee and Mary are part of the church family in Oklahoma where Linda and I are headed and this morning I had an email from Pastor Andy of Trinity Fellowship reporting that Lee is doing very well and progressing in all areas.  Andy spent 3 hours with him yesterday and his report is very encouraging.  Praise the Father for answering our prayers-it truly is a miracle.

Of course, with severe head injuries it often takes a long time to get back to a place where normal activities can be resumed, so pray for continued good recovery and quicker progress then one would normally expect.  Miracles defy ordinary so we are believing for more miracles.

Pray for all the adjustments Lee and Mary have to make in adjusting to the progress as it comes.  Pray for their little girl, Jada and energy to parent her well, given all the other issues they face as a family.

Most of all thank God for answering prayer and let’s continue to believe for a full and complete recovery.  When we get to Oklahoma I will try to get some pictures and a maybe even a message from Lee to share with you.  Check back in a month or so.


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