Monday morning meanderings. Vol.5

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Belfair State Park, Washington.

Item one: We are at one of our favorite Washington campgrounds, enjoying it one last time before leaving Washington for at least a year.  Belfair State Park is located right on the eastern end of Hood Canal and we can look over the water from our site.  We have been here many times over the last 15 years, during every season.  It is a fun place even in the winter and during the summer the water is quite warm and enjoyable.  There are good places for walking and riding bikes as well as just sitting out enjoying the view. 

Item two: Change.  The last couple of years have brought a ton of change but it feels like the real change has been the last few days.  We have a new physical address and new box number, did you know that since 9/11 you cannot have a PO Box without a physical address?  When you change your address you have to notify everyone you do business with as well as family and friends that you have a new address.  With the advent of email we get very little snail mail so if we miss someone it won’t matter a lot.  Our new mailing address is PO Box 2593 Belfair, WA 98528.  A friend will be collecting our mail and forwarding the important stuff to us, wherever we happen to be.

Item three: Direct TV vs Dish Network.  We have had the Dish Network to provide us TV service for at least 10 years.  In fact I signed us up for the Dish Network when we moved into our house on Webb Hill and paid a lot of money for the privilege.  Now the two companies compete for your service.  When we moved into our trailer we just took the receiver with us and we have the satellite dish mounted on the trailer.  We just turn it on and it finds the signal automatically wherever we stop and hooks us up.  We decided to change to Direct TV because they have what is called Distance Network Service.  For people who live and travel in RVs and want the networks like ABC, CBS etc you must register with the government and the Dish Network hasn’t been providing that service.  So we are switching.  Yeah, I know, so what?  Just more change. 

Item four: I will be preaching at Rivers of Grace Church in Olympia on Sunday and at Rivers of Grace in Shelton, Sunday evening, if anyone is interested.  You can find directions and times on their website here.  We will be leaving immediately after the service for Oregon and points east.  Love to see any of you who have time to come.

Item five: Are you a workaholic?  I think I used to be and it affected a lot of my life.  An article at says these kinds of things are typical of workaholics: “…deriving our identity and self-esteem from what we do; keeping overly busy, neglecting our health, relationships and spirituality; seeing everything as work-related; having no desire to do anything (work avoidance or burnout); procrastinating; postponing vacations and rest; doing unnecessary work; perfectionism; avoiding intimacy and being controlling.”  I found myself in a number of those descriptive words and though I really miss working and expect to work again at some point, the break from the pressures of work has allowed me to see what I had become so when I return to work I can be different.  I know it is not possible for a lot of us to take extended time from work but if you can I highly recommend it.  Breaking the bond to “deriving our identity and self esteem from what we do” is a way to force us to get our view of self from our Father who is only concerned with who we are, not what we do.  You can read more of the article here.

Item six: For the last several months our home base has been on Highway 3 in Mason County.  Before we left I wanted to get a picture of it to show you what a beautiful spot we have been in while Linda finished up her teaching job.  Unfortunately I forgot to take the picture.  I didn’t want to leave that great spot without thanking the Wright family for letting us be there all these months.  We had sewer, water and 50 amp service on a concrete pad, in a beautiful setting. All any RVer could ever ask for and they generously provided it for us.  We will be back some day.  We are so grateful for their generosity as well as their faithful, gracious friendship these last two years.  Everyone should be so fortunate to have friends like Doug and Jeanee and their kids.  God knows. 


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