Even more on miracles.

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There have been some great comments on the last post and I love it when people comment and ask good questions.  It is one of the things that makes blogging fun.

Here are a few more reasons why I think we who follow Jesus need signs and wonders (yesterdays post has 5 others):

  1. Memories of what God has done, supernaturally, can give us courage to keep expecting more.  The Jewish community loved to pile up rocks at the place where the Father had done something miraculous. (see Joshua 3)  When their children would ask what the pile of rocks was about they could tell them the story of their people walking across a flood swollen river on dry ground because God made it happen and they would all be infused with fresh courage to trust Him for more. The witness of what God has done creates an appetite for more of what God wants to do.  When the expectation increases so do the miracles and when the miracles increase so does the witness.  There is a cycle here that cannot be ignored.  When we share what God has done in us, through us and around us, it stirs up a desire in others to see God do more in them. 
  2. Signs and wonders force the indecisive out of the middle ground.  There are so many people who live their lives believing in God without ever crossing the line to give themselves to following Him.  While demonstrations of power are no guarantee that people will repent and follow Jesus, it does draw a line in the sand and force some sort of decision.  Without the presence of power on the first church, the Pharisees would no doubt have ignored them, but the supernatural power stirred up their opposition and forced many on the fence to cross the line.  Power removes the middle ground.  Power exposes the sin of unbelief and brings people to a decision. 
  3. Miracles tie one generation to another.  One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty deeds. (Psalms 145:4)  Like the alters of memory I wrote about earlier, there is an amazing transference of belief when we hear those who have come before us talk about what God did in days past. (see also Psalm 78) When we talk about what we have seen the Father do, it is an invitation to our children and grandchildren to believe Him for more.  But this invitation includes more.  When the younger generation walks in the supernatural they call to the older generation to keep on believing and trusting God.  It is easy to rest on what God has done in the past and not step into more as we get older, but the younger generation should not let us.  I have been so challenged by the faith of the young and the expectations of the young for God to keep on doing mighty things that I am bolstered in my faith to expect the supernatural.
  4. The supernatural gives validity to the church.  If the church is just a place where people come for sweet fellowship, good teaching, vibrant worship and the other good and positive things churches are about, we will never reach the world around us.  If people wanted those things and thought they could find them in the church they would be beating down the doors.  But of course they aren’t.  The churches I have been in the last few months, where there is a Sovereign move of God in power, are full of seekers, full of new believers and overflowing with a sense of validity for that House.   When Jesus is lifted up, people are drawn to Him. 

Expectancy is the first step in seeing the power of God in miracles. My friend Marty, whose comments are included in yesterdays post, sees the power of God because she expects to see it.  If you believe there is no power available for this “age” then you won’t see it.  Everything in the Spiritual life is driven by faith.  Power encounters are no different.

(Again, for more on the subject of miracles see When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson)


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