Monday morning meanderings. Vol. 3

July 9, 2007 at 1:19 pm 2 comments

Warm days, cool nights.  The makings of a typically fine Northwest summer. If there is anything weather wise I will miss about the NW it is summer.  From July 4th to October there really is no better weather anywhere.  We are enjoying it with an eye toward February when the weather here is, well, not good.

Here are a few items in my meanderings for a Monday: Mariners, bottled water, Colby and Jill’s wedding, Brad’s new job and Sloan’s 3rd birthday.

Item one.  I guess leading with a Mariner moment each Monday is not all bad.  I love baseball and for the last 18 seasons I have loved or loathed the M’s and this year is no exception.  I guess that is why baseball is such a great game, the ups and downs make you crazy but it is a fun crazy.  At the break the M’s are 13 games over .500, 2.5 back of the Angels for the division lead and only a couple back in the wild card.  Last year at this point they were 42-43.  Not bad, all things considered especially with the major distractions they have had this year

Item two. One of the great things about this country is we rarely give any thought to the universal access to good, clean and fresh drinking water.  While everyone’s water is not without some residual tastes that are not perfect, we all have safe and mostly great water to drink, right from the tap in our homes.  That of course is a major problem in almost all Central and South American countries as well as Africa and much of Asia.  So why the fascination with bottled water in this country?  Bottle water is a phenomenon of our times.  Get this;  Americans who were raised on tap water and water fountains now drink a billion bottles of water a week!  Interestingly 24% of the bottled water is simply tap water, bottled by Coke and Pepsi. Today most of our kids are taught to fear water out of the tap or a drinking fountain.  We complain mightily about the cost of gasoline but we pay the equivalent of 3-4 times the cost of gas for the water we drink and the cost to produce it is almost nothing.  Americans went through 50 billion plastic water containers last year, 167 for each of us.  The recycling rate is about 23% which means we tossed 38 billion of those little bottles into landfills.  I have never been a big environmentalist writer or practitioner but this one got my attention because I wonder what better use we could find for the 1billion dollars we spend on plastic.  You can read more here.  Linda and I tend to use the same bottle over and over again so as to not use all of our 167.

Item three.  Out friends Doug and Jeannee Wright’s son Colby is getting married this weekend in McCall, Idaho.  Colby will be marrying Jill Willey at here parents ranch outside the small city north of Boise.  Linda and I will be going to the wedding and we are excited to see these two outstanding young people follow their love and Lord into an living illustration of the love Jesus has for His bride, the church.  We are looking forward to being part of the festivities.  Congratulations to Colby and Jill.

Item four.  Now to the most exciting news! When Brad was let go from his position as youth pastor of the church I once pastored, we were all both relieved and angry.  I told Brad I was praying for one major thing and that was an opportunity for him to find, out in the open market of youth ministry, just how marketable he was and to be affirmed that the 6 years he gave to the church here would position him for an excellent opportunity in his chosen field.  What I wanted was for him to be encouraged and valued, in a way he never was in his previous position, because his last name happened to be the same as mine.

Well, the Father answered that prayer beyond my wildest hopes.  He had 6 good options, interviewed at 4 very diverse and excellent churches and finally accepted a position at Chapel Hill Church in Gig Harbor, Washington.  He started July 1 and spent his first week with 50 high school students on retreat in Canada.  He is the Director of High School ministries at the church of about 2000 members, 45 minutes from here.  He has a full time intern and a secretary and the finest facilities I have ever seen for youth ministry.  When I heard about the facilities I was a little concerned that they had put their money into facilities for spoiled rich kids, but after visiting the church on Sunday and hearing Brad talk about his retreat with the students, leaders and his supervisor, all tell me there are some really great people there and Brad, Summer and Canyon will be well taken care of and the ministry fit seems to be better than we could have hoped.

Brad has landed on his feet so well, after a couple of really hard years and we are very, very proud of him and Summer too.  You can learn more about his ministry by going to Brad’s blog.

Item five.  Traci and family arrive tomorrow from Utah for a several day visit.  They will be visiting friends, hanging with all of us and enjoying the “cool” weather here in Washington.  Today is our grandson Sloan’s, 3rd birthday, so there will be a big party tomorrow.  Here is a picture of the birthday boy. 

The birthday boy!


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  • 1. Royal  |  July 12, 2007 at 1:05 pm

    What I want to know is why you are not fishing more and blogging less? You have the fishermans dream job, not having one at all! Definitely take advantage of it. I enjoy your posts immensely but I would understand if you did less blogging and more fishing.

  • 2. Jenn  |  July 9, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    I’m so excited for them to come!!!!! I can’t wait to see all of them. The boys are in 7th heaven and have already cleaned their rooms and were talking about “getting flowers for their auntie Traci to show her that they love her, and missed her soooooo much.” Their words not mine. I was really blessed by their little hearts. Let me know if you need anything and you are welcome anytime. See ya soon…

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