Monday morning meanderings. Vol. 2

July 2, 2007 at 1:53 pm 1 comment

We are back in Mason County after a few days of relaxation for Linda and floating and fishing the Yakima for me.  The traffic coming back was horrible.  Sometimes it would stop dead and the best we could tell it was just volume that was causing the jam up.  We have our trailer parked on the grounds of Bruce and Betsy Brezel’s home on Totten Inlet.  It is one of the most beautiful settings any where in the world.  I have been all around the world and I know this is one of the most beautiful settings. (said with tongue firmly in cheek!)

Item one.  What is up with Mike Hargrove?  He wants us to believe he is not tired, burned out, lost his passion for the game but still he just up and quits, now, when they are 12 games over .500 and contending?  Everyone seems to be spinning the same tale and I guess you have to take it at face value, but I don’t know.  Ichiro is pretty mum on the deal and they didn’t get along so??  Did he say, “no long term deal with Mike around”?  I can’t decide if I am proud of him for walking away or ticked because what ever he was doing was working and baseball is a weird game-you don’t stop what’s working till it’s not.  Some of you savvy tech people know if you want more information all you have to do is click on the highlighted word.  There are several other places to click during these meanderings.

Item two. The son-in-laws of two of our closest friends are fighting in Iraq and it is taking a considerable toll on their wives and their families and multiple others in our country.  It doesn’t appear to me (I know, I know little about it) that things are even slowly beginning to turn around.  More death, loss of limbs and who knows the untold suffering we have yet to pay the price for.  I am not anti-war but I am anti-meaningless, unwinnable war, which this one seems to be.  Being a child of the Viet Nam War days and I am remembering how little was accomplished there in comparison to the huge cost to my contemporaries who went, died, were broken in half either physically or mentally and the years it has taken to mend our country.  We are now seeing again the fracturing of lives and the life of our country in another seemingly meaningless war.  Support for our troops is an absolute given.  We must support them and their families in any way we can, while they are away and when they return home.  But as pro-life people shouldn’t we be pro-life in every life and death issue?

Item three.  Scot McKnight’s post of the week  at Jesus Creed, makes my Monday Morning Meanderings.  It will be interesting to see who actually follows the link and reads the whole thing.  It is a great post by Bob Robinson.  Yes, I shamelessly copied Scot’s Weekly Meanderings idea for my Monday morning meanderings.

Item Four. Having just turned 57 and my older brother having his 60th, I am once again reminded that the Boomer generation is rushing into their 60’s like the rivers in Texas.  The oldest of the boomer generation turns 62 in 2007 and then the flood into retirement, begins.  Over at the blog nakedreligion there is a humorous posting about boomers you might enjoy, especially if you are a boomer or have a parent who is one.

Item Five.  Congratulations to Ben Settle who was recently confirmed by the US Senate to be a United States District Judge for the Western District of Washington.  Not sure when President Bush will sign but should be any day.  Congratulations Ben!

Item Six.  I end this weekly meandering with an encouraging and thought provoking quote from Henri Nouwen.  These short devotionals come everyday to my inbox.  You can get them for yourself, here

Becoming Fathers and Mothers.

What are we going to do when we get home? When the two sons of the parable of the prodigal son both have returned to their father, what then? The answer is simple: they have to become fathers themselves. Sons have to become fathers; daughters have to become mothers. Being children of God involves growing up and becoming like God. Jesus doesn’t hesitate to say this: “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect, be compassionate as your heavenly Father is compassionate.” (See Matthew 5:48 and Luke 6:36). How? By welcoming home our lost brothers and sisters in the way our Father welcomed us home.


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The River of Life. Partying with lost siblings.

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  • 1. Bob Robinson  |  July 4, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    Thanks to the link that Scot offered, on Saturday, I had 676 page loads, 413 first time visitors and 64 returning visitors). Sunday dropped to 296/183/31; Monday 312/184/31. My normal average is around 200 page loads/ 66 first time visitors / 25 returning visitors each day.

    So you can see that I had quite a spike because of that link!

    But, sadly, a huge number of those visitors did not stay long enough to read that post. Only 33% stayed longer than 5 seconds!

    Thanks for your link from your view here at the juniper tree!

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