Monday meanderings.

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Several items for todays first edition of Monday meanderings:

Item one.  If you are baseball fan and especially if you are a Seattle Mariner’s fan, you had to love this last weekend.  Ken Griffey Jr.’s return to Seattle was nothing short of a love-fest.  Our kids were in grade school when Ken first came to Seattle as a 19 year old rookie and we had front row seats for dozens of games during those first few years.  We loved him and had great family time watching him dazzle us with his one of kind skills. 

But what to make of this weekend?  We were tuned into Friday night’s welcome home like most of the NW and I was even moved to tears by the proceedings.  I think for me it was more about Paul and memories of taking him to the Kingdome for Mariner games than it was KGJ.  However, are we so short of heroes in this country that we nearly deify someone who has been gone for 8 years and left here with not so much as a thank-you?  I can’t say I understand it but it does speak, at least something, to how important it is to have people to look up to these days and how few there are who are worthy of our adulation.  There certainly is no other human being in this area who would have evoked the kind of response KGJ received here in the NW.

Item two.  We probably have had more comments about our season of simplification then any other issue.  Selling everything and moving into a fifth wheel struck a cord with a several of you and with good reason.  As we get older we begin to realize that acquisition of stuff and taking care of stuff gets old and we want more out of our lives then we find we now have.  Baby boomers are making lifestyle changes in droves, seeking more fulfillment and less stress.  My friends at RV-Dreams have a large following, not just because they are nice people, which they are, but because they have struck a cord with the boomer crowd.  One of the blogs I read has a great quote on the subject of simplification and the more eternal purpose for it. It is short and would be worth your time to read it.

Item three. Linda is at the school today closing out her room and her career as a full time school teacher (at least for the foreseeable future).  Thanks to all who read my piece on her life as a school teacher, especially to those of you who wrote such great comments.  It isn’t too late to write a congratulatory comment to her, either on the site or at

Item four. We are leaving in the morning for one of my favorite destinations-the Yakima River.  We will relax together, I will float the river a few times hunting trout with a fly and Linda will get some rest and enjoy her quilting, reading, learning about her new computer and whatever else she chooses to do.  We will be gone for several days, then back to Mason County for a few more days, enjoying our kids and all the grandkids, then a few days in Idaho for our friends Colby and Jill’s wedding, then back here for a week at Belfair State Park, our favorite Washington State Park.  Finally we will be off to follow the sun for a year or so (actually the purpose is more than that but I will write more on that subject another time). 

We don’t officially leave the state until the end of July but we are officially not living here anymore–tomorrow.  I know some of you are smiling at that thought!  You can keep up with our travels regularly, if not daily, on this site.

Item five.  If you have made it this far, on a more serious note: Several years ago, a friend of mine, who is gay, told me he found the evangelical phrase “hate the sin and love the sinner” to be condescending.  He felt, since being homosexual was an integral part of who he was, hating the sin was the same as hating him. We who claim to be followers of Jesus are not as good at demonstrating our love for the “sinner” as we are our hatred of the sin so since that conversation I have tried to not even use or think the phrase.  All of that to say, another of my favorite blogs has the best writing on this subject I have ever read, and it would be very much worth your time to read it.  You can check it out here.

Linda found this great quote somewhere, with no author given.  Let us know if you know who said it.  Worry is the misuse of imagination. 

Happy 60th birthday to my brother Mike!


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Linda’s 16 years of excellence. Thoughts that make me go “hmmm”.

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