Your Kingdom come, your will be done.

June 6, 2007 at 10:48 pm 3 comments

What does it mean to pray “Your Kingdom come, your will be done” as Jesus teaches us to in Matthew 6?

Pastor Bill Johnson writes: When we pray for His Kingdom to come, we are asking Him to superimpose the rules, order, and benefits of His world (heaven) over this one (earth) until this one looks like His.  (When Heaven Invades Earth ) (WHIE)  When sick people get healed, demonized get released, His world collides with the world of darkness, and His world always wins.  The battle we are in is for dominion, it is a conflict for who will have authority.  It is a battle of kingdoms, light and darkness and it is real.

When the Apostle Paul writes in Philippians 3:20 about our citizenship being in heaven, was he simply referring to an unknown day when we would all go to heaven to be with Jesus?  I don’t think so.  His readers were living as citizens of Macedonia but were ruled by the Romans.  They would have understood Paul was telling them by using their current situation as an illustration to live right now as citizens of heaven while living here on planet earth under another’s rule.  He was telling them to live here as representatives of heaven. 

The point is we are here to bring the authority of heaven down here.  We are ambassadors for the Father of Light to invade and subdue the powers of darkness.

That should change the way we pray.  Instead of asking God to invade the circumstances of our life that are troubling or broken, as ambassadors assigned to bring heaven down, we move from asking the Father to intervene to commanding the mountains to be removed in His name (Matthew 21:21).  As believers we have that kind of authority.  Pastor Johnson says it this way: Pray until there is a breakthrough.  Then exercise the authority given to execute His will over the circumstances at hand.  (I am not familiar with some of  the terminology used by Johnson-like the word breakthrough, but I do understand the point he is making)

Faith is critical if we are to bring heaven down and destroy the powers of darkness who attempt to steal our confidence, destroy our hope and kill our destinies.  As I wrote yesterday, fear and faith are both realities in the spirit world. Faith is the substance of light while fear is the substance of darkness.  Refusing fear is bigger than just not being afraid.  Choosing faith is the means by which we subdue the enemy.  Choosing agreement with the King rather than the enemy brings power.

Do you remember the story of Jesus falling asleep as He and His disciples were crossing the lake? (Matthew 4)  A storm blows in and the disciples wake Jesus because they are afraid they are going to die.  While on earth Jesus has voluntarily relinquished His divine prerogatives and so was functioning as a human being dependent upon the Holy Spirit.  In other words, the disciples had as much authority over the storm as Jesus did.  It wasn’t that they couldn’t quiet the storm, the problem was they didn’t believe they could.  Jesus took authority over the storm by releasing peace into it.  The same peace that allowed Him to sleep in the storm was the peace that subdued the storm.

You only have authority over the storm you can sleep in. If I am filled with anxiety in any given situation, it becomes hard for me to release peace–because I can only give what I have.  Authority functions from heaven’s peace.  (WHIE)

When the storm was stilled, when the disciples got their prayer answered, do you remember what Jesus asked them?  Why are you so fearful, why is it you have no faith. (Matthew 4:40)  They have just asked Jesus (what we do when we pray) to fix their problem and Jesus did what they asked (answered prayer) and He still calls them on their lack of faith.  Usually when I pray and the prayer is answered, I think I have been rewarded for my faith.  But Jesus wants to know why they didn’t take the authority He had given them and deal with the problem themselves, by faith.  We often pray, Johnson says,  in the place of risky obedience.(WHIE)

I don’t think Pastor Johnson is telling us to not pray but I think He is suggesting that our authority is bigger than just free access into the throne room to ask the King to do something. I think he is saying, we are to bring the throne room down here and take the authority we have as Kingdom citizens and command the forces of darkness to knock it off.

We are to pray and we sometimes need to pray until there is a breakthrough (a sense of expectancy?) but it doesn’t appear to me that victory comes from the amount of our prayer but the amount of our belief.

What do you think?


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  • 1. Jennifer Kilts  |  July 13, 2007 at 10:34 pm

    what insight “we only have authority over the storms we can sleep in” I just want to think on this for a while.

    Bringing Heaven to earth is the only thing that makes sense to me. Telling satan to MOVE!! God is working here, brings me great joy!!

  • 2. Doug Wright  |  June 7, 2007 at 7:26 am

    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. To fear and understand God we must know Him. As we begin to know God our fear remains regarding God but diminishes towards worldly fear. Great theory however tough to live out.
    Most of us want to be armchair warriors who say we have the faith necessary to overcome fear however fear comes in so many shapes and sizes that we really need daily to review and inventory ourselves as God might see us. We think we trust God but when it comes to certain issues where do we really stand? Are we willing to get out of the boat and keep our eyes on Jesus? would we be willing to walk away from a secure job if the Lord called us to some new unknown? Will we be willing to sing praises if wrongfully accused or imprisioned?
    In order to know anyone we must spend time with them. If I spent time one day a week with someone I won’t get to know them as someone I spend every day with.
    The same with trust. I must continue to throw all my trust into Gods hands. Many times I will faulter or fall but the prayer must be that recognition of the fear, failure or control effort be relinquished back to the Father.

  • 3. rade  |  June 7, 2007 at 12:17 am


    I think you’re right about that the amount of prayer is not as important as the amount of belief.

    But I do believe, that one’s amount of belief can and will grow the more one prays. 🙂

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