Control or uncertainty.

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I have been watching with interest and compassion as tornadoes have ripped through Oklahoma and Kansas.  We have good friends in that area and so we have concern for their safety.  No doubt the people in Greensburg, KN are dealing with some very serious issues.  Hard to imagine a town completely gone.

There are just some things we can’t control and weather is one of them.  Even though it is impossible to do we still spend time and energy trying to  keep everything in our lives known and certain-in control. 

Apparently the desire to be in control of what happens to us and around us is built into our flesh.  Remember Adam and Eve?  It wasn’t enough they had each other for companionship, had the Father as a regular participant in their lives, had every need met by the graciousness of their Father, they wanted something more, something God had warned them would ruin everything.  They wanted to control their destinies through knowing things that up till then only God knew. 

It’s not as if they were in rebellion against their Father, in fact everything we know about them points to their desire to be like God.  But somewhere deep in their minds was a quest for more control over their lives and when the enemy came along to encourage them to take that control they went right along.  The tree of knowledge was a symbol of their willingness to allow the Father to control their destiny or to gain the freedom to attempt to control their futures. Even though their lives were centered on the Father and they loved Him, they still chose freedom from God in order to have the freedom to control life themselves.

Of course their Father allowed them to choose knowledge over uncertainty, they had what we call today, freedom of choice and it is still part of the DNA of every human being.  The Father created them to live in a relationship where He was in control, but He wanted Adam and Eve to enter this trust relationship by choice, so He gave them the opportunity to choose to seek knowledge apart from Him. Knowledge that would lead to their personal control.

The choice was clear.  Trust the Father and resist the devil’s invitation or trust their own insight and wisdom, their own knowledge.  They chose to go with what they could know and understand and that knowledge became their bondage and in turn ours.

I hope you are seeing my point here.  Gracious uncertainty (see previous post) is the Father’s way of overriding the propensity of humans to trust their own knowledge and understanding in order to better control their own lives.  The Father invites us to freely submit to the truth that not knowing every move ahead of time, will in fact, bring the security we are trying to find by controlling our lives ourselves.

Why do we hate it when we are not in control?  Why do we get so anxious and fearful when we can’t see how things will work out?  Why do we spend so much energy and time scheming and manipulating people and situations just so we can lose these feelings of uncertainty?  None of us enjoys being at the mercy of other people or circumstances, so the fruit of Adam and Eve is for us to do whatever we can to get ourselves back into control, when things seems so uncertain.

We long for the Father’s covering and we love our own control but the two affections are mutually exclusive.  So the Father uses circumstances and loss of control to graciously invite us back into uncertainty and into His loving covering.

Over the last 19 months, as the Father has brought gracious uncertainty into my life, I have been forced into a position of embracing this uncertainty, and for the first time in my life I am learning to relax a little in the freedom uncertainty brings. 

No longer burdened by the need to earn my own way, I can enjoy the grace of the Father as never before.  No longer do I have to control and manipulate others to force my plans or ideas so I am free to love and encourage those the Father brings my way to find His heart, not mine.  No longer finding my security in a salary, I simply try to be obedient and enjoy His daily provision (don’t get me wrong, when the Father gives me a salary again I will be very grateful!).  No longer responsible for the daily care of a congregation, I am free to see who I am in the Family without having to fit myself into a cultural role no one person can honestly handle. 

Many times over these months I have tried to gain back control by attempting to make something happen, but the Father gently led me back into the freedom of letting Him handle things.  It is not always fun but it is always interesting.

Gracious uncertainty or control.  It is our choice.


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Gracious Uncertainty. After 2000 years, how is He doing?

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