April 25, 2007 at 11:50 am 2 comments

After Paul died, we sold our house in town and moved out to Webb Hill, to a piece of property we named Mercy Ridge.  There we cleared a building site, put in utilities and Brad and I worked to build our “dream” log home.  Over the 11+ years we lived there it was a refuge from the pressures of two intense jobs and a place where we would all gather for family celebrations and somewhere for our kids and grand-kids to come back to when they needed a home, or just a place to enjoy for a while.

Then last summer both Linda and I felt God telling us to sell it.  I was pretty sure that was what I was hearing but when she told me she was hearing it too it seemed clear we were to sell the home we loved and the home that held so many wonderful memories for us. There was no way either of us thought we would live any where but Mercy Ridge, so selling was the last thing we were thinking of.  It was not the money, as we didn’t owe much on it so it was by far the cheapest place we could live. But it was time. 

Not only did we sell our home, we sold nearly all our possessions and moved into a new Fifth Wheel.  Then the questions started; “Where will your home be?”  “Are you going to buy a new home?”  “Don’t you miss your home?” “Don’t you miss all your stuff?” Maybe Linda will write her thoughts on these questions, but the quick answer is, home is where we happen to be, our stuff was just stuff and we have no intentions to buy another house or start collecting stuff again.  We enjoy living small and living without the pressures of acquisition.  But mostly we enjoy being free. 

Jesus said in John 15:4 Make your home in me, as I make my home in you.  These words are almost too much to take in: Everything God is, lives in Jesus and Jesus invites us to make our home in Him as He makes His Home in us.  I have been thinking about this truth for days now and still can’t get my mind around it.  The Creator, Sustain-er, Initiator, Redeemer, Omnipotent, Father, who we know personally through Jesus, that One invites us to make our home in Him as He makes His home in us!

We are the preferred home for the Savior and He wants us to prefer a residence in Him over any and all other potential residences.  

The home we are invited to is a place of safety, of love, of hope, of intimacy.  Many of us build bigger and bigger houses, fill them to over flowing with stuff we hope will bring security and intimacy, but most people don’t feel safe, don’t feel loved don’t feel secure and rarely reach anything approaching intimacy in their houses.  Most people never really feel at home no matter where they are. 

Henri Nouwen writes: We try to find “home” in knowledge, competence, notoriety, success, friends, sensations, pleasure, dreams, or artificially induced states of consciousness.  Thus we become strangers to ourselves, people who have an address but are never (truly) home and hence can never be addressed by the true voice of love.(Lifesigns)

What I am slowly learning, as I live in 350 sq. ft. with very little stuff, is though I no longer own a house, don’t have room to acquire more stuff, my true home is in the love and security of my Savior.  When I choose to really live in that home, I finally find the safety, love, security and intimacy I long for.

You don’t have to sell everything you have and live in a “van down by the river” but if you really want intimacy, security, love and safety don’t look for it in a bigger home or more stuff but in the acceptance of Jesus invitation to “make His home in you, as you make your home in Him.

More on this subject later.


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  • 1. btarmsfamily  |  April 25, 2007 at 2:02 pm

    So weird that you wrote about this today as I have the beginning of a post saved on my blog on the same topic with the same title. Great minds…… anyway…. I have been struggling with this concept of home a lot over the last couple years, as we have been in transition, but more intensely this last month since we moved yet again. What is home? How can you feel homeless when you actually do have a home and a nice one at that. So what you wrote really hit “home!” My home must be in Christ and looking for anything else to satisfy that longing is only going to leave me feeling empty. Now I guess I can erase my post. 🙂 Thanks for helping me sort this out.

  • 2. clonic  |  April 25, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    “John 15:4 Make your home in me, as I make my home in you.”

    Thanks for writing such an insightful and encouraging post. I have been praying about home ownership recently and this really struck.

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