Learning to hear the Voice.

April 12, 2007 at 1:40 pm Leave a comment

Again, I am no expert but for me it is pretty simple.  I need to hear the Voice separate and unique to the written Voice.  (read yesterdays post for more on this subject and read the comments too, they are very good)

I have discovered a couple of things about hearing that seem important.  First it has been my experience that the Father only gives us enough to do His will for that particular time and place.  We probably will not hear the next piece until we are obedient to the first thing He has told us. 

We believed we heard clearly that we were to sell our house, buy a fifth wheel and live in it for the foreseeable future.  We both heard it separately and because it was not something we were planning to do, ever, we knew it was the Father.  So we did it.

That was 7 months ago. Until just this last week, we were not sure what was to come next, but we both heard clearly we were to take that first step.  Would we have done it if we had known it would take 7 months to hear what the next step would be?  I hope so, because I think that is the way it often works. 

I don’t think we always hear everything we want to hear at the time we want to hear it.  Be obedient and the next step will come.  The secret things belong to the Lord our God but the things revealed to us belong to us… (Deuteronomy 29:29)  We are only going to hear from God what He in His infinite wisdom wants to give us, when He wants to give it!  The next revelation seems to build on the previous one and so on.

There is another critical truth I have learned about hearing the Voice.  We are not going to hear from the Father until we confess and turn from sin we are secretly holding on to. 

Holiness is essential to hearing the Voice.  Secret sins are blatant decisions to be disobedient and hold onto that disobedience.  The Voice we hear will almost always be directed at that secret sin we are unwilling to let go of.

Often we have become unaware of sin that blocks the Voice.  Perhaps it was years ago.  Maybe it is so gross we can’t bear to look at it.  Often it is something that we have resisted dealing with because the relational cost is to great to pay.  So we compartmentalize it.  That is, we stick it somewhere in our minds and hearts that allows us to go on as if it wasn’t there. 

But the Father knows it is there.  Don’t we know that sin blocks the Voice? So rather than cleaning out the compartment we just stop asking or listening, until we are so desperate for Him and for His Voice, we do the hard thing and clean it out. 

Confessing our sin, opening up the compartments allows us to hear the Voice.  It is my sense that when we do not hear the Voice clearly it is often because there is something we are hiding, some sin we are unwilling to let go.

Knowing what I know now, relational rejection is worth the risk because it means I will hear my Father’s Voice.  Dealing appropriately with secret sin opens us up to deeper levels of intimacy with the Father.  The deeper the intimacy the clearer the Voice.

Want to hear the Voice? Obedience and holiness.  Two good first steps.


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