Fifteen thousand.

April 10, 2007 at 3:16 pm 3 comments

About 2:00 pm The View from the Juniper Tree had it’s 15000th view, hit, look, read, whatever you call it.  Not sure what it means in the big scheme of things, but to me it means someone is reading the stuff I write and that blesses me a ton. 

Some of you are probably thinking, this boy needs to get a life, and you are right and I am, but for now this is a big part of my life so thanks for reading and for commenting on and off the site.

In the 3 months the blog has been active I have posted 66 times, and there have been 242 different comments to those 66 posts, an average of 3.5 a post.  Linda’s piece “Moving On by Linda” and my “Build Greg a new playlist” had the most comments posted, 13 and that same posting by Linda and “A restoration story: Part 4” have had the most views over the last 3 months, over 300.

On an average day on the site we have about 200 visits and the most ever in one day was 437.  There is no way to tell for sure, but I think that big day was during the time that the above mentioned postings were all on the front page.

The stats page, provided by WordPress, tells you how some of the people found The View From the Juniper Tree.  Of course the most searches have been using my name or a combination of my name and the blog name.  We get about 5-6 visits a day that way. 

About that same number navigate to the site by following one of the “tags” that are under the title.  If you click on one of those you will go to all of the posts under that tag during the last 24 hour period so “strangers” find us that way.

Sometimes ministry happens because of a search that someone makes.  One guy found the site by doing this Google search “I don’t want to die…”  His search hit my piece with the same title.  He left his email address so I wrote him and we exchanged some emails related to hurts and how we handle them. 

Lately there have been a lot of visits from people searching for information on Lee Akin, the PBR cowboy, injured in a bull riding.  As many as 10 hits in one day came to the site from that search.  I did a piece on In-N-Out Burgers early on in my blogging life and I still get a hit or two a day from people looking for information on the best burger in the USA.

Lots of conversation has taken place, off the site, in response to things I write, where ideas are shared and mutual encouragement takes place.  That happens almost every day and is my favorite part of blogging.

Some come to this site by following a link on someone else’s blog or website.  By far the most come by way of Brad’s site.  The same is true of the links from this site to other sites.  Everyday a number of you go to Brad’s site through the link we have on this blog.  Traci’s new site has had six visitors today from people who found it here.

One of the things I would like to see happen on the site is the dialogue that can happen between all of us by commenting on someone’s comment.  When we do that there can be some really good interaction and learning that can take place.  Perhaps I will start commenting on your comments as a way to get it going.

Are you bored yet?

Writing this blog has been very healing for me and it has done what we prayed it would and that was to allow me to have a voice again.  I like to think that I would keep blogging away even if you didn’t read what I write, but the fact that you do read it makes it a lot more fun.

Since I started writing this piece there have been 7 more hits!!  Yahoo!


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Why we choose power over love. More on hearing the voice of the Father.

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  • 1. renversgirl  |  April 16, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    You nut, i am no where NEAR bored!!! =) I will admit to being a bit overhwhelmed sometimes. Sometimes it’s what you write, sometimes it is just how much you write, i have a hard time to keep up with it, but please don’t stop. So many of us enjoy it and are blessed by it. Keep it up and maybe someday i will be able to again read them as you write them. Some how i don’t think you need to get a life you already have one.

  • 2. Krisitn R  |  April 11, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    I agree with Mike. It is great to hear your voice!:) I visit as often as I can! You continue to encourage me.

    Thank you!

  • 3. Mike S  |  April 10, 2007 at 8:44 pm

    I am so pleased that you are finding that you have a ministry through this blog. That you do have a voice; not really again. You have never stopped being a minister to me. Remember who gives you the voice.

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